The titled has said it, the brand-new tapping game Thor: War of Tapnarok is out now, setting its foot in the Norse-themed comic universe. Well, you might have guessed it: you’re playing as Thor himself, striving to prevent his “God of mischief” brother Loki from messing around yet again in the mighty Asgard.

Thor: War of Tapnarok
Thor: War of Tapnarok - a new clicker game that takes place in the mighty kingdom of Asgard.

The Storyline

The mischief god Loki has left the kingdom with a Crystal Staff stolen from Heimdall. He has used it to open the portals that link all nine realms. Consequently, Asgard is now full of filthy monsters that are threatening the kingdom. And now it’s up to the God of Thunder, Thor himself, to clean up the mess from his brother as usual! We bet you’ve seen this coming from miles away.

Gameplay and heroes

Just like any other clicker game, your job is to furiously tap the screen. As of this time, it is to get rid of waves and waves of enemies, returning them to wherever they’re from. Thor won’t be fighting alone though. The mighty God will fight alongside his allies like Valkyrie, Tyr, Freyja, and even Odin. After recruiting such characters, or heroes, upgrading and evolving them will unleash their inner power. Each hero has signature skills of their own to smash the most powerful enemies.

Thor: War of Tapnarok
Follow the journey across nine realms with Thor.

Thor himself is also available for upgrades and evolves. You can improve his damage and unlock new skills by doing so. The God of Thunder has the ability to spot weaknesses from enemies, inflicting massive damage to them. As you progress further into the game, you’ll unveil 37 Asgardian Treasures. They give permanent upgrades to help you progress faster in the game.

Thor: War of Tapnarok
Tap your way to victory. Defeat any enemies that stand in your way.

If you are a fan of the comics, you will probably love War of Tapnarok. First of all, the game really looks like the brought-to-life version of the comic. Also, it allows you to take on an adventure across all nine realms by yourself. What more could we ask for? So, wait no more, it’s time to visit Google Play and get Thor: War of Tapnarok right now.