For those who are on the lookout for an old school wreck ’em up with a unique spin to it, The Day We Fought Space is right down your alley. When a classic genre gets a new makeover, it is always worth checking out.

The Day We Fought Space is a side-scrolling shooter title that sports a large weapon range with distinctive types. What sets this game apart is that it features real physical rules, which means with the right tactics, players can knock an enemy ship into others to create a chain reaction.

This cool game is the creation of a studio that has only two members. Although Tursiops Truncatus, the studio in question, was founded in 1995, it went through a long hibernation before resuming its production in 2007. Fun fact: Tursiops Truncatus is the official scientific name of the bottlenose dolphin, and since this animal is playful and likes to interact with humans, it was chosen to be the studio’s mascot.

If you expect to see the typical arsenal that can be found in several shooting titles, you should recalibrate your expectations. The developers had obviously put a lot of thought into creating the weapons as well as the visuals. There is no pattern memorization to count on in this game, so it means what you should keep in mind to excel in The Day We Fought Space is the reaction.

You will have to actually use physics in this game

When playing this title, try your best to be flexible, to react quickly and adapt to a new environment, as the learned patterns will not be of much help here. The debris you see in the game can be both your enemy and your allies. So the point here is physics, use it right.

The studio has not yet announced a fixed releasing date but you can always sign up for their newsletter to be the first to get updates.