Free Fire has a huge collection of weapons and not all of them are equally good. Choosing the right weapons in Free Fire is crucial to gain victory, especially those with powerful stats as assault rifles. In this article, we will take a look at the top 5 strongest AR guns in Free Fire in the OB29 update.

5. M14-Y

The M14 in Free Fire is already a powerful gun for mid and long-range encounters with high damage and range. The M14-Y variant has a special attachment called Rage Core that even increases the rate of fire by 25% while reducing accuracy by 25%. Overall, this is a great buff to the weapon, making the weapons stronger in most situations.

M14 Free Fire
M14 in Free Fire

4. Kingfisher

Kingfisher is the latest AR gun that was added to the game. It has great stats and a high rate of fire compare to most other AR guns in Free Fire. In addition, it also has armor penetration. The Kingfisher is a solid choice in both Battle Royale mode and Clash Squad mode.

Kingfisher Free Fire
Kingfisher in Free Fire

3. AK

The AK is a powerhouse with crazy damage output and a fast rate of fire. However, the AK is definitely not a weapon that new players can use because of its recoil. It can be very hard to spray with the AK, which balances its power.

Ak 47 Winterlands
AK in Free FIre

2. M4A1

The M4A1 got buffed in the OB29 update with the M4 Chip upgrade. At the final level, the M4A1 will have a 28% damage increase and an increased rate of fire, which is absolutely insane. You can buy M4 Chip in Vending Machine around the map for 4 Tokens each. Even if you don't have M4 Chip, the M4A1 is still a very reliable gun with good stats and stability.

Upgraded M4a1 Free Fire
The M4 Chip in the OB29 update is a new special attachment for the M4A1.

1. Groza

Groza has always been one of the strongest AR guns in Free Fire. It even got buffed in recent updates to deal more damage and appear more frequently. It has a high range, high damage, great stability. The gun just has no weakness and it deserves to be the best AR gun in Free Fire.

Groza Gun In Free Fire 1
Groza Gun in Free Fire

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