Arena of Valor must be amongst the most special games across the world because it has a huge collection of Arena Of Valor best heroes and villains. If you are a big fan of DC Comics Movies, you shouldn’t miss the following list of best heroes in Arena of Valor. Your collection should have at least one or more DC heroes.

Let’s check out the list of Arena of Valor best heroes and villains with! How many on this list do you have? Who do you love the most?

List Of Arena Of Valor Best Heroes And Villains (1/2)

Batman – Dark Knight

The first number on the list, Batman, must be one of the most powerful heroes in the Arena of Valor. Also, this character is known as an assassin in the darkness because his ultimate skills allow him to hide behind a colony of bats, as well as kill enemies or reduce their movement speed. One of the most outstanding characteristics of this character is his ability to farm and defeat monsters.

Batman Aov


  • Recognized as the best jungler in the Arena of Valor due to his ability to launch Batarang.
  • Stealth is his ultimate skill.
  • Create some surprises while combating and killing enemies.


  • This character is not easy to play, especially for newbies.
  • It’s not difficult to defeat Batman if gamers can detect this character on the mini-map.

Superman – Justice Lord

Superman doesn’t just have lots of special supernatural in the movie but the best hero in Arena of Valor also shows his impressive strength in the game. The Justice Lord belongs to the list of some heroes who can attack enemies depending on the percentage of HP. For those who want to cope with Superman, you should make a team of at least three members.

Superman Aov


  • Lots of crowd controls that can aim at many targets at the same time.
  • Known as a champion in a solo battle (1v1 mode)
  • Good at pushing the enemy out of the lane.


  • It’s too difficult to control all of this character’s 07 skills.

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List Of Arena Of Valor Best Heroes (2/2)

Wonder Woman – Amazon Warrior

Wonder Woman must be the Arena of Valor best hero to buy because this character is designed with lots of super-cool skills and stunning looks. It’s not hard to comprehend why many gamers love choosing Wonder Woman for a new battle. This character is able to recover her HP in a short time and control enemies by the Lasso of Truth. Wonder Woman has had a vast number of fans and therefore, the superhero is always recognized as the hottest character in Arena of Valor.

Wonder Woman Arena Of Valor Best Heroes
Wonder Woman.

Wonder Woman Aov


  • Ability to approach enemies well.
  • The super-strong ultimate skill.
  • The Lasso of Truth has many various effects depending on enemies’ HP.


  • Farm slowly at the beginning of the battle.
  • As a comprehensive hero, Wonder Woman doesn’t specialize in any specific position.

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The Flash – The Fastest Man Alive

As one of the latest Arena of Valor best heroes, the Flash has had a vast collection of fans who are always curious about his abilities. And it is obvious that the Flash must be the Arena of Valor best hero to carry before entering a new battle. The super speed of the fastest man makes a strong impression on any of his fans from the movie to the game. The Flash is good at dealing with magic damage and assassinating enemies from far.

The Flash
The Flash.

The Flash Aov


  • Super annoying, high carry potential, and good roamer.
  • Often chosen to begin combat.


  • Low ultimate damage.

The Joker – Killer Clown

Many gamers like to use the Arena of Valor best hero 2020 and forget the first-generation characters like Joker. The killer clown is one of the first characters in the Arena of Valor; however, this character, in fact, is not a superhero but a villain. The Joker or the Clown Prince of Crime is known as the biggest enemy of Batman in the movies or comic books. His skills include canned laughter, pick a card, the killing joke, and the Punch line. Joker is good at doing physical attacks and his ultimate skills allow him to kill enemies rapidly and slow them down within 1.5 seconds.



  • Remove slowdown effects on him.
  • Immunity to physical damage within 2 seconds.
  • Reduce the movement speed of the target by up to 90%.


  • Unable to escape from enemies too close.

There are a lot of Arena of Valor best heroes and villains not to be mentioned on this list; however, the five characters above may be the most familiar names to almost all of the gamers across the world. If you are a big fan of DC Comics, you should add at least one of these heroes into your collection or build a team of DC heroes.

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