Genshin Impact 2.7 is finally out, and along with it, another rotation of the Spiral Abyss. It is the current end-game content where players can test the strength of their teams against the challenges on the highest floor. By clearing Spiral Abyss with full stars, players gain 600 Primogems, which is vital for pulling new characters.

In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase the top 5 Genshin Impact team comps for 2.7 Spiral Abyss.

1. Mono Geo Team

  • Arataki Itto + Gorou + Albedo/Noelle + Zhongli

The addition of Itto and Gorou allows a mono Geo squad based on Itto to work, as he is the first 5 star Geo DPS. He can power through the majority of foes in the Abyss with his powerful charged attacks, while also having decent support capability.

Arataki Itto
This is the newest squad released in 2.3, as Itto allows the creation of a Mono-Geo team.

Zhongli can provide a decent shield to tank the attacks while Albedo can deal extra off-field damage on top of that. Gorou is the best for the final slot, as he is designed to buff a Mono Geo team. This kind of team has become popular ever since the introduction of Gorou and Itto, who can deal a lot of damage without too much investment (Noelle C6).

In this kind of team, a main Geo DPS (Itto/Noelle) and a Geo Support (Gorou) are a must. The other two slots can be pretty flexible - players can splash in a Bennett for the damage buff if needed.

2. Hu Tao Vaporize Team

  • Hu Tao + Xingqiu/Yelan + Albedo + Zhongli

Hu Tao vaporize comp with Zhongli has always been one of the best teams ever created in Genshin, fusing the insane damage from Hu Tao with Zhongli's protection. Hu Tao's vaporize combo with Xingqiu/Yelan allows players to deal huge damage consistently, especially when she's lower than 50% HP.

Hu Tao Elemental Burst
Hu Tao's crazy Pyro DPS is the core of many lineups.

Zhongli's sturdy shield allow Hu Tao players to keep their HP low without problems. Albedo provides Geo resonance and some extra off-field damage - players can replace him with a Pyro character such as Bennett for Pyro resonance. Additionally, Players can also substitute Albedo for Yelan, which makes Vaporize triggers even more consistent. She also has a passive that can give Hu Tao up to 50% extra DMG.

3. Childe Vaporize team

  • Childe + Xiangling + Bennett + Chongyun

In this team, Childe works as an enabler for the Xiangling + Bennett engine. Players main Childe and apply Hydro on their enemies, then use Xiangling and Bennett's ability to proc Vaporize for big damage. The last slot could be a Anemo CC/buffer such as Sucrose or Kazuha.

Xiangling Vision
Xiangling and Bennett can provide great Pyro burst damage.

Overall, you would need a well-built Bennett/Xiangling for this comp to work, as he and Xiangling would be dealing a big portion of the damage.

4. Permafreeze Team

  • Ayaka/Ganyu + Shenhe + Yelan + Venti

Players can use any Permafreeze duo - Ayaka/Ganyu DPS and Shenhe/Diona/Chongyun as Cryo Support in this team comp. Yelan's main role is to cast her abilities to apply Hydro so that the main DPS can permanently freeze enemies. Ayaka or Ganyu would do their thing, freeze enemies with their full skill set. The Cryo supports would cast their buffs to aid the carry, preferably before switching in Yelan to save her Burst duration.

Ayaka Permafreeze
Both Xingqiu and Yelan work well in Ayaka perma-freeze teams.

A full 5 star team with Shenhe as Cryo support would be the best, but that requires a lot of luck and investments. The last slot of the team could be anything, but players should avoid characters who can trigger Shatter (claymore/polearm users and Geo users), as they would break Freeze. A battery character like the Anemo Traveler/Venti/Kazuha can do the trick.

5. Raiden National Team

  • Raiden Shogun + Xiangling + Bennett + Xingqiu

Looks like the Raiden National Squad is just as strong in 2.7, and with its multiple elements, players can probably still use it for a long time. This team works by having a maxed Raiden support the 4 star trio Xiangling + Bennett + Xingqiu to spam their burst and deal massive damage.

Genshin Impact Baal Build Raiden Shogun
Raiden is amongst the strongest and most versatile characters in Genshin Impact.

With their Elemental Burst, Xiangling and Xingqiu cause several vaporize reactions, while Bennett serves as the team's buffer and healer. Raiden is the main on-field DPS character when these three cast all their skills. Her Elemental Burst is the key, as it deals massive damage to enemies while replenishing the energy of party members.

Players can definitely replace some of the members of this team with any other character, as long as the replacement is built around spamming Burst (Mona, Ganyu...etc). The only member of the team that cannot be changed is Raiden.

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