Free Fire is a very competitive game as it requires a lot of skill and a strategic mind in order to win the game. That why the Solo Ranked Mode in Free Fire is the most popular mode in Free Fire and your skill will be tested to the limit.

It won't be easy but with these 5 tips, you will find yourself performing much better easily and rank up in Free Fire.

1. Keep a cool head

While it hurt to see your rank went down after a lost match or several lost matches, you will only lose more if you let it get to your head. If you are in a losing streak it best to take a day off and then come back later when you are at the peak of your performance.

2. Moco ability is OP

Moco ability is called Hacker's Eye, which can track an enemy that was shot by you for 5 seconds. With her skill, it is impossible for a player to run away from you or counter-attack around the corner.

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Moco ability allows you to track enemies

3. Master your weapon

Knowing your weapon is a very essential part of winning in Free Fire. Each weapon has its own strengths and weaknesses for different situations. The training mode is free for every player to join and practice with all weapons in Free Fire.

4. Don't hide

It is common for many players to play Free Fire using the camping strategy, but it is not the most optimal way to rank up. If you really want to improve your skill then you need to go outside and make some actions instead of hiding in the building. Eventually, you will have to face other players to rank up, sooner or later. You will die many times, but you will also learn a lot from it.

5 Easy Tips To Get Started In Solo Ranked Mode Fre
Engage in fights will help improve your skills

5. Be aware of your surrounding

In Free Fire, you can look around you easily without changing your moving direction. Always use this feature to keep your eyes on your surrounding to spot enemies in time. It is also a good idea to not running in open areas for too long to avoid getting spotted by other players.

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