This year, the PUBG Mobile Club Open tournament has finally come to an end, and the winner has appeared. After 16 rounds throughout the whole finals, Top Esports, PUBG Mobile Chinese team, has achieved the first spot. Actually, the top three positions were all claimed by teams coming from Chinese. The winner of the tournament was Top Esports, the second place belonged to X-Quest and the third place was grabbed by Elite Gaming.

The largest prize in the history of mobile esports has been given to Top Esports, which went up to 180,000 dollars in cash. Top Esports won three times and achieved the total score of 344 points, which helped them achieve the first spot. Meanwhile, although X-Quest had been the leader of the race for the first two days, they ended up on the second spot.

Top Esports became the winner of PMCO 2019 and received $180,000 in cash as their prize

In spite of the fact that the highest overall points belonged to Top Esports, X-quest achieved 121 kill points in total, which was the best number throughout the whole competition. RRQ Athena, who finished in the fourth position, comes from Thailand.

On Twitter, @PUBGMOBILE announced the winner of this year PMCO, which received sponsorship from Vivo champions. The game not only sent its congratulation to Top Esports but also expressed its gratitude for the viewers who had followed the tournament from the beginning.

The final score of 16 teams in the tournament

Throughout the whole competition, team SOUL from India had received great interest from viewers and was considered one of the better teams. However, they presented a fairly poor performance in the tournament and were only able to receive one chicken meal on the second day. In the end, team SOUL was placed in the number 12 position. However, they should be very happy as the team happens to be the first group representing India to take part in a major global esports tournament. Their participation is proof that the gaming industry in India is in fact growing and this is certainly not a bad development.