Genshin Impact never fails players with tons of exciting quests. Even when the latest update has come with more and more challenges, many users are stuck at several current tasks. Among them, Treasure Lost Treasure Found Genshin Impact is a world quest with fruitful reward but poses tough challenge to adventurers. Check out this complete guide on how to complete this quest and claim all rewards.

1. Treasure Lost Treasure Found quest rewards

For your information, the location of the Treasure Lost Treasure Found is Wangshu Inn, Liyue where you will receive the quest from Soraya. There are two stages to complete this quest, starting in Guili Plains, Liyue. Each part will reward players with different treasures and a lot of EXP to rank up in Adventure Guild. In addition, travelers are also granted an achievement after completing the whole quest.

Treasure Lost Treasure Found
Treasure Lost Treasure Found is a world quest in Genshin Impact.

Here are all rewards for each part of this world quest. Check them out below:

  • Treasure Lost Treasure Found Part 1 rewards: 200 Adventure EXP, 30 Primogems, and a 4-star Exile's Circlet.
  • Treasure Lost Treasure Found Part 2 rewards: 400 Adventure EXP, 30 Primogems, and a Liyue Shrine of Depths Key.
  • Achievement rewards: an Interview with a Bygone God achievement, and 5 Primogems.

2. How to complete Treasure Lost Treasure Found Genshin Impact

Because Treasure Lost Treasure Found in Genshin Impact has two parts, you need to complete Part 1 first. Then, Part 2 is unlocked. Complete all objectives of the two parts and claim rewards.

Unlock The Quest
Go to the ruin in Guili Plains in Liyue to find the quest giver Soraya.

Treasure Lost Treasure Found Part 1

You need to go to the ruin in Guili Plains in Liyue to find the quest giver Soraya. After unlocking the quest, you start to do objectives in the quest.

  • Go to Guili Assembly to find 5 ancient stone tablets. Then, you obtain 5 transcriptions from these stone tablets.
  • Next, come back to talk to Soraya.
  • Find 2 other stone tablets and obtain 2 other transcriptions from the Ruin.
  • Finally, you head back to Soraya to talk to her.
Find All The Stone Tablets
Find all 5 ancient stone tablets and obtain 5 transcriptions.

After completing these objectives, you will get rewards and unlock Part 2.

Treasure Lost Treasure Found Part 2

Here are all objectives of the quest in Part 2 that players need to complete. This part is harder to complete than the first part.

  • Teleport to Wangshu Inn to find Soraya and talk to her.
  • Head to the Ruin and find the Treasure Lost Treasure Found Genshin Impact jade plate and obtain 4 Traveler's Notes. While searching for the jade plate, players need to defeat some enemies to obtain the required items.
  • Head back to Wangshu Inn and continue to talk to Soraya and receive another quest. Travelers need to find the last jade plate.
Find Soraya To Get The Quest
Soraya will give you the quest in Wangshu Inn in the second part of this world quest.
  • Find the final jade plate. Jump into the water and start the clue mechanism. Then, it will wake up three Ruin Guards. You need to defeat these bosses.
  • Next, get back to the location of the jade plate and activate the mechanism. Then, the pool will pump the water out to unveil three treasure chests.
  • Collect all treasures and get back to see Soraya in Wangshu Inn.
  • Report to her and claim the quest rewards.
Ruin Guards
The most difficult task in Part 2 is defeating three Ruin Guards in the location of the last jade plate.

The most difficult thing in this world quest is finding stone tablets and jade plates in Liyue. Check out all the locations of stone tablets and jade plates in this country below.

3. Treasure Lost Treasure Found object locations

The locations of objectives are not marked on the minimap. So, travelers have to go to search by themselves. Check out all locations of stone tablets and jade plates in Liyue.

Stone Tablet Locations

The first part of Treasure Lost Treasure Found Genshin Impact requires players to find 5 stone tablets. Here are 5 locations of these items.

Stone Tablets
The first stone tablet is right at the entrance of the Ruin
  • 1st stone tablet: Right at the entrance of the Ruin. It's placed between two torches.
  • 2nd stone tablet: In the northwest of the big structure. Defeat two Treasure Hoarders and investigate the stone tablet.
  • 3rd stone tablet: The direct south of the first one. You can find it next to a treasure chest puzzle.
  • 4th stone tablet: Continue to go to the southwest of the third, you will find the 4th tablet behind a small puzzle room.
  • 5th stone tablet: From the location of the 4th tablet, you head to the west to find the last one. There are some Treasure Hoarders around. You can choose to defeat them or ignore them.
Stone Tablet Locations
Here are all the stone tablet locations in Part 1 of the quest.

Jade Plate Locations

The next part of the quest Treasure Lost Treasure Found Genshin Impact requires travelers to find 5 Jade Plates. Here are all locations of these items.

  • The Northwest jade plate is placed in the center of the Ruin.
  • The Southwest jade plate is located back in the north of Luhua Pool. You need to defeat a group of enemies to investigate it.
Genshin Impact Treasure Lost Treasure Found Jade P
Some jade plates in this game are guarded by Treasure Hoarders.
  • The 3rd jade plate is the Northeast one. It can be found in the north of the Domain of Forsaken Ruins. You have to fight off some Treasure Hoarders around this jade plate.
  • The 4th one is the Southeast jade plate. It's right on the top of the puzzle room where you find the final stone tablet in Part 1.
  • The final jade plate is also the central one. You will find it in the ruins with a pool of water in the north of the Domain of Forsaken Ruins.
Jade Plate Locations
Here are all the jade plate locations in the second part of the quest.

Those are all locations of items in this world quest. After finding all required items and completing all objectives, you can claim the quest rewards.

Those are all you need to know about Treasure Lost Treasure Found Genshin Impact world quest. Try to complete it soon to explore more interesting things in this game.

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