This is certainly a thrilling period of time for the VALORANT fan community as lots of exciting activities are ongoing. Players are eventually getting the latest Fracture map in the Episode 3 Act 2 update. Moreover, VCT Masters Stage 3 is about to take everyone to Berlin where the ultimate Valorant teams are competing for the throne.

However, apart from that, fans are also highly anticipating the upcoming weapon skin bundle. The store in the game currently released that new Recon skins, but the forthcoming one would take its place very soon. Apparently, we are likely to see the introduction of Zedd weapon skins in the new update.

It is confirmed! Valorant Zedd collab is finally around the corner.

Zedd Valorant
Fans have been waiting for the collaboration of Zedd and Valorant since forever.

Valorant x Zedd collaboration

The game has been teasing their collab with Zedd since the release of the Year One anthem video. For those who have not known, Zedd, whose real name is Anton Zaslavski, is a famous Russian producer, DJ, and songwriter. He owns a lot of viral music tracks such as Clarity, Beautiful Now, Stay The Night...

He is known in the community of Valorant for his fondness for the Riot’s game title. As a matter of fact, Riot also featured him in the Year 1 anthem video of Valorant. Apart from that, the video gave fans a sneak peek into a melee weapon with the collaboration of Zedd.

The worldwide famous DJ has topped the charts with many catchy EDM tracks.

Since the very first trailer, the whole community has been waiting for the developers to unveil Zedd skin bundles. And now, you would be thrilled to know that the wait is over.

Zedd lately shared a blurred image teasing his collab with the FPS title of Riot. A few minutes after, Valorant also confirmed that Zedd is on board with them for something special.

Their official post noted that the devs will release their work with the DJ, presumably the new skins, on 7 September at 8 AM PDT (Pacific Timing).

Zedd Valorant
The DJ teased the Valorant Zedd collab project via a distorted teaser.

What to expect

As you can see, the Valorant Zedd collab will mark the new melee skin arriving in the game. It would have a Z signature for Z. Not a long while ago, the Internet also saw some leaks for this collaboration of the two big names.

This is the first time Riot Games has joined hands with a huge influencer for a project, most certainly, it will definitely not be the last time. We have seen the most successful collabs of gaming titles and DJs before, namely Free Fire x KSHMR, Alok. The new project of Valorant probably will not be any less viral!

Valorant Zedd Leak
There have been rumors and leaks concerning the new Zedd weapon. This is how it may look like according to some leakers.

As a matter of fact, it is exciting to see what Zedd and Valorant will offer. Surely, this collab will be a fan-favorite skin line going forward. What can feel better than playing Valorant with Zedd weapon skin while listening to his upbeat tracks?

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