Ram your friends off the cliff

We can all agree that pushing your friends off the cliff is one of the best feeling ever.  Yes, maybe we should not do that in real life because of the moral and legal thing. That is why video game exists: so that we could experience feelings that we otherwise would not be able to in the physical world.

Want To Ram Off Strangers Or Friends From The Clif
Ram everyone

From the Polish studio Nydim Games, which consists of just 3 people, we have the new game Ramageddon. This is a game that will allow us to fulfill our dark desire of ramming off strangers and friends off a side of a cliff. So the general idea is pretty simple, but that is also why the game is so charming. The main mechanic of the game will involve a competition between 4 players online who will control rams ( that is why we got the name Ramageddon). Each player will take the turn to ram the others off an island floating and hovering on the sky. See the below trailer to see what Ramageddon would look like.

Training offline

Aside from the online competitive playing mode, there will be also a training mode that will help you to perfect your skills. There is even a "Ram Royale" mode which has the edges of the map slowly falling off which leads to the shrinking playable area of the match. If you are an Android user, then Ramageddon is already open for you - go to sign up for open beta on Google Play Store.

Want To Ram Off Strangers Or Friends From The Clif
The Gameplay

Then at the end of January - the 31st to be exact - the developers will launch the official version of the game with the iOS version coming up shortly after. The team over at Nydim Games is still looking to bring the game to Nintendo Switch and desktop in the near future. Keep an eye out for more updates!