For the last couple of years, mobile games have gradually been taking over the game industry. However, with so many options out there in the market, it is not always easy to find a game that is not bland and repetitive, or a complete copy of another game. The strategy game WarWest aims to revolutionize the mobile game industry once and for all. Right now, the game is open for Beta registration. So, what makes this game stand out from the rest of the pack?

WarWest beta trailer

Beautiful Graphics and Unique Settings

The first things from a game that captivats the attention of gamers are its graphics and environment. WarWest nails this with its gorgeous hand-drawn style graphics. The game is just magnificent. It truly sets a new standard for mobile game graphics. The setting is also no less unique. Unlike many other games that generally use either medieval or sci-fi theme, WarWest is a combination of steampunk and western genres.

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Beautiful hand-drawn graphics

Multiple Game Modes

WarWest wants to bring gamers many unique and memorable experiences. For a start, there are multiple modes in the game for players to enjoy, from solo, co-op to multiplayer and versus.

The game uses a game engine that constantly evolves, which ensures a brand new experience every single time. Moreover, there are many different types of gameplay, including tower defense, assault, skirmish, siege, and more. This sheer number of available options is almost unprecedented in mobile gaming. With this, the developer hopes to keep players coming back for more.

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Various game modes to enjoy

Massive Collection of Units and Spells

In this game, 60 different units and spells that players can choose from to build a mighty team that is able to overcome any opposition. Each type of units has its own set of abilities, and they can interact with other units in multiple ways. The game also has a buff and debuff mechanic, which allows players to increase the strength of their own units and weaken the opponents.

Comprehensive Multiplayer

The multiplayer aspect of RTS mobile games has been quite limited. Generally, these games only allow 2 players to face off against each other. WarWest looks to change that. Its comprehensive multiplayer system could allow up to ten players to participate in a game at the same time. In the future, this number might get higher too. Furthermore, there is even a worldwide leaderboard where players can compete to climb to the top.

No More Grinding

There are many mobile games that are fun at first, but after a while, all the grinding gets to players, and they leave and look for another title. WarWest takes a different approach. It removes grinding completely, and that leaves players with more time to enjoy the heat of the battlefield instead of doing the same thing over and over again hoping to get some loot. It still does have in-app purchases, but the developer seems very determined to not let that get in the way of people enjoying the game.

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The western and steampunk styles come together

Optimize Your Party

And with the no-grinding spirit, WarWest allows players to get access to many types of units right off the bat. The key to victory is, of course, building the strongest team possible. Players can choose 6 cards, which represent various units and spells. Each game mode will have different goals, and therefore requires different combinations of cards to overcome the challenges. The strategic aspect begins right from the first step, where the player begins picking the cards most suitable for their playstyle.


WarWest is completely cross-platform, meaning a player who has the Android version can still play with a player who has the iOS version, and vice versa. Additionally, the PC and MAC versions have been announced and will be coming in the near future.

Multi-player, multi-platform, and completely configurable

Easily Configurable

One thing that hardcore gamers love is freedom and control. They want to play the game however their want. WarWest plays to this need. There is a massive collection of modes, maps, and settings that players can choose from. This freedom promises an exciting experience.

Moreover, the game provides players the opportunity to meet many other players of various skill levels, which ensures that it will always remain challenging.

Coming Together

As of this moment, WarWest is still in its development stage. It has been for over 2 years, which is completely understandable, since something this unique will definitely take time. It is unclear when the game will come out. However, people who are interested can visit the game’s website to register for the Beta.