Have you tried Whack The Thief games yet? If not, it's a pity. This is a ridiculous and creepy killing game in which you need to use your brain to find as many ways to kill the thief as possible. If you can fill all 13 ways to kill the thief, you win the game.

Whack The Thief Review

This game is pretty creepy, so you should take it out of your children's reach. This is a funny game in the ridiculous whack game sequel. There are some other fun games. such as  Whack Your Boss, Whack Your Ex and Whack Your PC. Each game has a different story and missions. Besides, you will also play different roles.

Whack The Thief Games
Whack The Thief is a creepy game in which you need to find some ways to kill the thief.

For example, you will play the role of a boy or girl and select an item to wrack your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend in Whack Your Ex. Then, you will play the role of an employee who gets annoyed by his boss. Players need to find all seven ways to whack the boss.

Whack Your Boss
It has similar gameplay with many games like Whack Your Boss or Whack Your Ex.

In the game Whack Your PC, a player in the role of a male will find six ways to impress the beautiful woman sitting in front of him. In Whack the Thief, you are a boy at home alone. A thief will break into your room to rob you while you are sitting in front of the game console enjoying the game. Your mission is to find all 13 items to kill the thief. Whack The Thief games are pretty gory.

13 Ways To Kill The Thief

There are 13 ways to whack the thief in this game. Keep in mind that the items or murder weapon will be highlighted when the mouse points at it. Here are all 13 methods to kill the thief in this game.

  • Red bag: When the thief enters, his flashlight will light a red bag at the fireplace. Click on it and the boy will wrap the thief inside the bag to beat him without getting attacked by the thief.
Use The Red Bag
The kid can use the red bag on the fireplace to cover the beat the thief.
  • Racquet: The boy will grab a badminton racquet from the small sofa, break it into two parts and use the broken handle to stab the thief at his chest. Then, draw the racquet handle out to kill him with a loss of blood. The last scene will pretty gory.
  • Knife in the toolbox is another weapon to kill the thief. The boy will throw three knives to kill the thief. Two first knives to two legs do not as gory as the last knife to his head. It's also the knockout knife to the thief.
Whack The Thief Toolbox
You can use the knives in the toolbox to kill the thief.
  • Sword Decoration above the fireplace. The kid kicks the thief to make him fall back to the fireplace. Then, two decorating swords will drop and cut the thief's head off.
  • The plastic bag on the sofa is also a murder item. The kid will open the drawer to reveal money insides and cheat the thief. Then, grab the plastic bag and strangle the thief with that bag.
  • The kid can use the golf club next to the left sofa to hit the thief's groin. Then, he will put the golf ball on the thief's head and play golf on his head. But the kid is not a good golfer because he hit the thief's head instead of the ball.
Whack The Thief Plastic Bag
Strangle the thief with the plastic bag to kill him.
  • Fish tank: Show the thief how to open the strongbox with the castle in the fish tank. Then, throw a plugged-in hairdryer into the water when he touches the castle to kill him with an electric shock.
  • Escape the room and lock the door. Then, drive a car to hit the room wall and crush the thief inside the room.
  • A hunting gun was hidden in the bookshelves. Find the gun and kill the thief.
  • Take a glass bottle from the bookshelves and hit the head of the thief. Then, use the broken bottle to cut his neck and kill him.
Whack The Thief Electric Shock
Create an electric shock in the fish tank to kill the thief.
  • The flashlight of the thief is also a murder weapon for the kid. Hit his groin to make him hurt and drop the flashlight. Then, take it and beat the thief until he's dead.
  • The kid gets angry and beats the thief's ear off. Then, kill the thief with a dumbbell.
  • Use the oil in the fireplace and pour it into the thief's groin, head, etc. Then, set his body on fire.

How To Download Game Whack The Thief APK?

Whack the Thief game download for Android is not very difficult. To download Whack The Thief games for Android, go to APKPURE to download the APK file of this game. Then, install the game on your phone and play. This gory and creepy game is not available to download from Google Play Store and App Store now.

Whack The Thief Gory Content
Whack The Thief Is Not Sold In Google Play Store And App Store Due To Its Gory Content.

You can download other games of this sequel, such as Whack Your Ex and Whack Your PC on App Store because they are less gory and violent.

Those are things you need to know about Whack The Thief games and a guide on how to download them. This game is not sold on Google Play Store and App Store because of its creepy and violent content. So, don't let your children play it if they are under 18.

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