Garena Free Fire owns a massive streamer base on diverse platforms, one of which is the bigwig Youtube. Fans have also given streamers various titles based on their popularity such as “King of Free Fire”, “Richest Free Fire Noob”, or “Queen of Free Fire”.

Meanwhile, the game has played the role of an essential source for Youtube content creators and helped many carve their niche in the community with Free Fire being their main content. While male streamers take up the majority, there are also female streamers who gained an immense status in the same area. Who is the Queen of Free Fire, though?

Take a look and see who this phenomenon is.

Free Fire Queen 3
Who is the Free Fire queen?

Who is the Queen Of Free Fire in the world?

Sooneeta Thapa Magar, aka Sooneeta, is the most well-known Free Fire female streamer as of late who is also praised as the Queen of Free Fire worldwide. With more than 4 million subscribers on Sooneeta Youtube channel, the lady dedicatedly plays Free Fire and is without a doubt good at it.

Although Sooneta hails from Nepal, her videos do feature a little Hindi as she also knows the language. Her skills and knowledge of the game can absolutely be considered top-notch among the many streamers and players. Fun fact, Sooneeta comes from the same country as the biggest hacker in Free Fire, Biraj.

Sooneeta Thapa Magar is currently the most popular Free Fire streamer and player.

Meanwhile, we can also call Sooneeta the Queen of Free Fire in India as her popularity here is whacking great. In fact, she has collaborated with many big names like TSG, Total Gaming, who are in the top 10 Free Fire YouTubers in India 2021.

The 25-year-old has been streaming Free Fire content on the platform for nearly three years with the first video posted on her channel in September 2018. The streamer currently has 670 videos on her channel with more than 321 million views at the time of writing.

Now that we have known who is the Queen of Free Fire in the world, let’s dig deeper into her game achievements and profile.

Queen of Free Fire's net worth

1. Sooneeta earnings

Considering that she owns a huge number of subscribers on the platform, Youtube is indeed her main source of income.

Sooneeta used to post highlight videos and Livestream whose viewership can make any other streamer green with envy. The daily views she got from each upload are approximately 500k-800k and the number is just going to increase on a daily basis. Her most-viewed video has around 6 million views.

Apart from Youtube, the Queen of Free Fire also earns money via Online Donations, Super Chats, AdSense, Membership and Sponsor videos.

Sooneeta 2
She earns mainly from her content on Youtube and paid sponsorship.

Moreover, her social media accounts also have a good number of followers. While Sooneeta’s Instagram now has 570k followers, her Facebook one owns nearly 300k fans at the moment. She also does sponsors promotions from time to time and earns a good sum from them.

All in all, Sooneeta’s monthly income varies from $6,600 to $105,000 while the yearly earnings may vary from $79,000 to $1.3 million. As per records, Sooneeta’s net worth is currently around 50 lakhs.

2. Notable achievements

As earlier mentioned, Sooneeta is currently one of the biggest female content creators of Free Fire right now. With over 4 million subscribers on Youtube, she has inspired a plethora of fans all over the globe.

Sooneeta 3
Sooneeta and her gold play button.

From the platform, she has garnered two silver play buttons as well as one gold play button for her milestones. In 2019, Sooneeta became the winner of Free Fore costume design competition and brought home 10,000 diamonds.

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Queen of Free Fire ID and stats

Sooneeta doesn't come out of the blue when we ask who is the Queen of Free fire in India. She has proven herself as a skilled player and it all shows via her stats in the game.

Sooneeta’s Free Fire ID (uid) is 131311296 while her in-game name (IGN) is Sooneeta. She is also the guild TEAM-LAVA’s leader.

Sooneeta Free Fire Stats
The streamer has admirable Free Fire stats.

1. Lifetime stats

The Free Fire Queen engaged in a total of 15,600 squad games and has won 3685 matches with more than 34,200 kills. Her winning percentage in squad matches is 23.62% and a KD ratio of 2.87.

Talking about duo mode, Sooneeta has played about 1830 matches and won 285 with over 3260 kills. Her winning rate for this is 16% with a 2.11 KD ratio.

For solo matches, she partook in 840 matches and had 59 wins, making her winning percentage 7% with a 1.63 KD ratio.

2. Ranked stats

According to the latest information, Sooneeta played around 685 games and dominated 143 fights with over 1908 kills. This means her winning rate is 21% with a KD ratio of 3.54.

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