Ubisoft is planning big for its future by investing in mobile games. A recent brief about the financial status of the company showed that Ubisoft wanted to build up their console franchises like Assassin's Creed to mobile game as a way to make themselves appeal to the worldwide market.

The company witness a solid year of financial status, achieving an income of about 450 million Euros. Talking about future plans, this company announced that they want to develop their market by expanding its span in Asia, and the most ideal approach to that is certainly through mobile market.

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Assassin's Creed will have its mobiles versions

CEO Yves Guillemot personally highlighted Korea, Japan and China as some suitable market to be invested in. Wanting to reach a larger group of audience, Ubisoft declared to expand PC offerings and to bring both console franchises as well as established PC to mobile.

Ubisoft’s core franchise includes Ghost Recon, Far Cry, Assassin’s Creed and Rainbow Six. The company took part in the mobile market before, yet its upcoming plans sound much more ambitious.

Assassins Creed Game For Mobile
A screenshot from the game

Activision, an American video game publisher in California, is hoping to deliver fuller and better versions of its video games such as Diablo and Call of Duty to mobile. And a new title of Elder Scrolls called Elder Scrolls Blades has been released on mobile lately by Bethesda. I must say that the day those same kinds of console-lite versions are released on mobile is not far away.

On announcing this news, Ubisoft will surely be opened up to criticism from PC and console gamers, just like what happened at Blizzcon last year, when Diablo Immortal was staggered with negative responses. Yet, it is obvious that mobile games are a developing business sector for triple-A computer game organizations.

Assassins Creed Identity Gameplay Screen
A screenshot from the game

Ubisoft is maintaining its partnership with Google Stadie and investing a lot into cloud gaming and streaming. The company’s Uplay store where game companies prefer to have their own stores rather than release game on Steam, also works well.

More information on E3 will later be revealed in this 2019. Much as Skull and Bones are nowhere to be seen at E3, might we witness a new Splinter Cell?