Good news for Genshin Impact players has arrived. The first-ever playable instrument in the game, the Windsong Lyre, is being re-released along with the Wind-Blessed Harpastum. The developers have confirmed this on their official channel.

Here's how you can get the gadget and play it for your game.

How to get Windsong Lyre Genshin Impact

The Windsong Lyre was up for grabs as a shop item during the Invitation of Windblume event back in March 2021.

To get Windsong Lyre in Genshin Impact, players could purchase it for 280 Festive Tour Tickets after finishing all Ballads of Breeze challenge on normal difficulty. For the upcoming return, the method to getting the item has yet to be announced.

Windsong Lyre
How to get Windsong Lyre Genshin Impact.

The item is easily one of the most known gadgets in Genshin Impact as it helps you play music. Although it won’t level your characters up any quicker, using Windsong Lyre can be fun if you want a free concert in the game.

How to use Windsong Lyre Genshin Impact

With the returning Windsong Lyre, players can use it to up their music game in Genshin Impact.

Make and play your own music

With the Windsong Lyre, you can create music in your own way alongside your friends. You can choose to play tracks from the fame or even make special compositions that can be shared with friends.

Play Windsong Lyre
Play your music using the different notes.

Windsong Lyre Chords

You will see a do-re-mi-fa-so-la-ti scale from the left to the right. The top row has a higher tone than the lower ones.

While the Chord does not have flat or sharp tones, it does have a decent range from C3 to B5. Some notes can be played at the same time, but it is not possible to hold a note.

Use these musical notes and their High and Low chord versions to make the best tunes.

Windsong Lyre
Many famous songs are available to play on the chords.

On another hand, you can search for some Windsong Lyre music sheets on Genshin Impact forums or go to Youtube videos to find playable tracks. Although it will require practice, you can become even more excellent barb than Venti if you can remember the right button while also pressing them in the correct order.

Wind-Blessed Harpastum

Along with the Windsong Lyre Genshin Impact, the Wind-Blessed Harpastum was an important tool for exploring the limited Golden Apple Archipelago region. Players needed it to do puzzles, get the Hymnal Rings activated as well as destroy the Dodo-King's Painted Wall.

Although this will not have any outstanding use in the 2.2 patch, Wind-Blessed Harpastum can be an amazing addition to players’ gadget collection.

Wind Blessed Harpastum
Wind-Blessed Harpastum is also coming back to the game.

Those who are not aware of this gadget must know that it can function as a skill that replaces the character’s Elemental Skill when equipped.

By tapping the button to deploy Elemental Skill, the selected character can directly throw a ball in front of them.

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