In Wuthering Waves, set on the planet Solaris 3 devastated by the Lament event, players start as Rover. Rover wakes up without memories and sets off on a journey to uncover their past and find out what really happened. Along the way, Rover gets to know the Resonators better—these are characters who can connect with specific objects and change their vibrations.

Version 1.1 of Wuthering Waves has already introduced players to new characters. Recently, a leak revealed information about two more characters who will soon join the cast of Wuthering Waves.

hxg_diluc, a Twitter user shared fresh details about upcoming characters Xiangli Yao and Zhezhi, scheduled to debut in Wuthering Waves 1.2.

Xiangli Yao - a “lightning DPS”

Xiangli Yao Wuthering Waves

Based on the leak, Xiangli Yao is slated to be a free Electro DPS character using gauntlets. The ongoing reveals for Wuthering Waves have also revealed that Xiangli Yao holds the role of Principal Investigator at Huaxu Academy. Despite his youth, Xiangli Yao demonstrates exceptional proficiency across various research fields, with a main focus on Automata Mechanics.

Zhezhi - a “Glacio support”

Zhezhi Wuthering Waves

Additionally, Zhezhi is also mentioned in the leak. She is rumored to be a Glacio support character, representing one of the six elements in Wuthering Waves. While specific details beyond this were not disclosed by the leaker, it was suggested that Zhezhi synergizes well with Jinhshi, a 5-star character known for burst damage and transformative abilities that enhance her skills.

What’s more is that the drip marketing for Zhezhi unveiled concurrently with Xiangli Yao, depicts her as a commissioned painter known for her shy demeanor and profound dedication to her craft.

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Xiangli Yao and Zhezhi are anticipated to debut on the Wuthering Waves version 1.2 banner. While an exact release date has not been confirmed, speculation suggests the banner will likely commence around August 15.

In the meantime, fans have the opportunity to acquire Jinhshi from the ongoing Thawborn Renewal banner, which concludes on July 22. Following this, the Vermillion's Ploy banner will replace it, featuring the 5-star character Changli, alongside improved pull rates for the 4-star characters Mortefi, Baizhi, and Taoqi.