After version 1.1 of Wuthering Waves was released, details about Zhezhi were leaked to the community, but not much was known about her. Now, HoYoverse has officially announced some new information, which updates what we know about Zhezhi in Wuthering Waves.

“A commissioned painter”

On July 8, the social account of Wuthering Waves started a drip marketing campaign for Zhizhi. Despite her cute and fragile appearance, Zhizhi is a devoted painter who transforms into a powerful Resonator during monster battles.

Zhezhi weapons & kit in Wuthering Waves

A leaker named Donut shared some initial information about Zhezhi and Xiangli Yao, primarily their names and a few sound effects.

Xiangli Yao is already familiar with Wuthering Waves as the chief researcher of Huaxu Academy, whereas Zhezhi is a completely new addition to the game. It's now clear that the Zhezhi banner will be available in Wuthering Waves 1.2.

The leaks suggest that in Wuthering Waves, Zhezhi fights using pistols and deals Glacio damage. The developers have managed to create a sense of mystery around her character.

Zhezhi In Wuthering Waves
Zhezhi In Wuthering Waves

All we currently know about Zhezhi’s abilities are the sound effects heard during her battles. The leaked audio includes distinct gunshots, with some sounds resembling those from Sanhua’s abilities. Zhezhi is identified as a Glacio Resonator.

How to unlock Zhezhi in Wuthering Waves

Similar to other 5-star characters in Wuthering Waves, players can acquire Zhezhi from a time-limited banner available during version 1.2.

To guarantee obtaining this character, you may need to perform 80 pulls, which ensures you receive at least one 5-star character.

Zhezhi Wuthering Waves release date

We can expect Zhezhi’s featured Resonator Convene to begin immediately after Jinhsi's, starting on July 22nd.

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