A wildfire has somehow become ablaze in the forest, and there is not any responder nearby! What can a little dog do in such an emergency situation like this? Well, jump onto a plane and fly to the rescue, of course!

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Fly into action in Rescue Wings

In this brand new side-scrolling flying game Rescue Wings, you will become Scruff the dog. After seeing a wildfire breaking out in the nearby oak forest, he puts on his pilot wings and, without hesitation, flies his way into action.

Rescue Wings plays similar to a common 2D flying game. The ultimate goal of this game is to protect the forests surrounding you from the wild, scorching fire.

Saving the wilderness

Throughout the game, you need to extinguish an escalating number of fires. The fires will become more and more intense every time you level up. Therefore it will be harder with each level.

Scruffy has a fire fighting plane to carry out this quest, but it can't just magically create water out of nowhere. In order to put out the fire, you have to dive into bodies of water every once in a while to fill the plane’s tank.

Once you have succeeded in extinguishing the fires, Scruffy will earn some experience. When he gets enough experience, he can level up and get access to a lot of awesome, new vehicles. In total, the game features  16 unique and fascinating vehicles for you to collect and switch between, including UFOs, stealth bombers, rocket-fuelled jets, and even an avocado!

Scruffy's plane has a water tank to help you put out fires

Furthermore, there are more than 15 levels for you to play through. If you are looking for a casual game to enjoy on your phone, Rescue Wings with its memorable firefighting experience is a decent option.

You can get Rescue Wings now on Google Play Store and the App Store for free.