FPS games on mobile have recently rocked the world. The idea of playing a fast-paced game of PUBG or Call of Duty on a mobile phone has been received well from the community. Which FPS game is coming up next? Well, it would be very likely Rainbow 6 Siege.

project f2
Will we get to play Rainbow 6 Siege on mobile phone?

Project F2: One weird Chinese version of Rainbow 6 Siege

Recently, there has been a mobile version of one FPS game on mobile that resembles Rainbow 6 Siege. The game is called Project F2 (代号: F2) with a Chinese interface. However the Rainbow 6 Siege developer - Ubisoft never revealed the intention of bringing the game to mobile phone. Project F2 is indeed a copy of the popular game Rainbow 6 Siege – on mobile phone.

The game bears a startling resemblance to Rainbow 6 Siege in terms of graphics, interface, and control. You can download and give it a try here apkzu.com/game/119460.html.

project f2
The game is extremely similar to Rainbow 6 Siege by Ubisoft

The game received mixed results from the community. Some praise it for the graphics and smooth control, even comparing it to the success of Call of Duty: Mobile.

However, some people don’t highly value Project F2 for its infringement of copyright. Obviously, the game isn’t developed by Ubisoft, the owner of Rainbow 6 Siege but by an unknown Chinese developer. Yet this has shown us the prospect of how good Rainbow 6 Siege can be on mobile.

project f2 download
To be honest, the game is not half bad for its smooth control and gameplay

You can still play Rainbow 6 Siege on mobile phone just like the case with CS:GO – using Steam Link. However, it wouldn’t be as smooth as the fake version of Rainbow 6 Siege – Project F2.

project f2 download
You can try playing the original Rainbow 6 Siege with a mobile phone using Steam Link, but it won't be as good

Will Ubisoft consider bringing the game to mobile phone after seeing how well their product can work on an Android? One such game may be very well underway.

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