The master of evil has many different names, such as the Devil, Satan, Beelzebub, or Lucifer. In a general and conventional sense, they all represent an evil, tempting being that contradicts the concepts of goodness, love, and true belief in the divine. And the cinema has also represented this figure in different horror movies with the Devil.

Top 10 Horror Movies With The Devil That Reveal The True Face Of Evil

In the past, the West used to embody in the figure of the Devil certain pagan elements, extracted from the description of the satyr Pan from Greek mythology, which the Christian tradition connects with the image of the goat.

However, since cinema was invented, the Devil has been represented in very different ways, which makes it a changing motif, difficult to define. Sometimes, the character even appears very humanized, more complex, and with less deformed characteristics; giving him more complexity and depth in horror movies about the Devil.

Up next, we will look at the 10 best horror movies with the Devil that show the Devil in various ways, from classical to modern:

Top 10 Horror Movies with the Devil that Reveal the True Face of Evil

1. The Exorcist (1973)

The Exorcist is one of the classics of horror movies and movies in general, not just horror movies with the Devil. It takes up the archetypal depiction of a person possessed by a demonic spirit, which little by little is losing their humanity and becoming a mere instrument of the Devil.

And indeed that is what happens to Linda Blair, who was only 14 years old at the time the movie was made. Directed by William Friedkin and starring Ellen Burstyn, this film uses the classical theme of the Devil to recreate it in a contemporary setting mixed with religious traditions, creating a dense and distressing climate.

2. The Evil Dead (1981)

This 80s classic comes from the mind of one of the most iconic directors of all time, Sam Raimi. Evil Dead is a story of teenagers going to the woods, messing with what they should not and dark supernatural forces do not miss an opportunity to mess with them.

The story begins, as we already mentioned, with a group of teenagers who travel to a lonely cabin in the forest. Once there, they find a mysterious book and decide to open it to read that it has to say. What happens is that, by doing that, they awaken a few ancient demons who want to possess them all and destroy their lives.

3. Rosemary's Baby (1968)

We are looking at one of the classics of the great director Roman Polanski and one of the great horror movies with the Devil of all time: Rosemary's Baby. Starring Mia Farrow and John Cassavetes, it tackles one of the most archetypal themes that revolve around the Devil: the woman pregnant with his child, who is the Antichrist.

Mia Farrow's character is the unfortunate one chosen for such a task. Through a satanic cult, she is deceived and driven to the brink of madness, before the terrifying truth is revealed to her. Anguish, paranoia, and suffocation produce this film that, once you have seen it, you will never forget.

4. Omen III: The Final Conflict (1981)

Here is the movie that wraps up the trilogy of The Omen. The Devil does not appear in person, but the figure of his herald, according to Christianity, the so-called Antichrist is the character Damien Thorn, masterfully played by Sam Neill. The appeal of the movie lies in presenting evil that is within famous political or economic figures who live among us today.

5. Angel Heart (1987)

This work has more police than horror overtones and the Devil is shown in the character of Louis Cyphre (Robert De Niro), pronounced "Louie-Cypher", phonetically similar to Lucifer. His representation is of a sophisticated malignancy: dark suit, long hair and nails, full beard and a striking staff.

During most of the film he is seated and only at the end of the movie does he reveal his true nature.

6. The Witches of Eastwick (1987)

In this adaptation of the novel of the same name by John Updike, a version of the Devil is presented in a tragicomic manner. His role has more than one presentation: a playboy demon, lover of the pleasures of life, such as food and wine, but especially of women.

Daryl Van Horne (Jack Nicholson) is an entertaining demon who indulges in the vagaries of the flesh and lives with three women, played by Susan Sarandon, Cher, and Michelle Pfeiffer. Quite a satyr in the good sense of the word.

7. It (1990)

Evil doesn't need to be interpreted with hideous figures as tradition dictates, such as this miniseries in which the demon takes the form of a clown and at the end of the play appears as a large spider. The Devil, or "It", as Stephen King wanted to suggest, can be anything; it may even lack a name but there is always a common denominator: it will be something terrifying that feeds on our deepest fears.

While It differs from the horror movies with the Devil on this list, you simply have to see Tim Curry bringing evil to life in this classic that sent chills through an entire generation.

8. The Prophecy (1995)

In this film Lucifer is played by Viggo Mortensen: A dark, evil, bloodthirsty being yet handsome and charming in his own way. The plot of the movie focuses on the war between the angels Gabriel and Michael, but the appearance of the Devil himself is the climax point of the movie.

9. The Devil's Advocate (1997)

One of the horror movies with Devil in the title on this list, The Devil's Advocate enters into moral and ethical dilemmas. What better than a neck and tie devil, who is a millionaire with a lot of power and played by Al Pacino? John Milton is a modern, hyperactive Devil in the guise of a sophisticated man who lives in the heart of New York.

This Devil, without losing the sense of evil, is an allegory of justice and temptation within the morass of politics and money, which will come into conflict with Kevin Lomax, a young lawyer played by Keanu Reeves.

10. Constantine (2005)

They don't beat around the bush in one of the most spectacular horror movies with the Devil. The Devil is known as one of his classic names: Satan, which in Hebrew means "the adversary." In this fantasy movie, the demon is played by Peter Stormare and is presented as a man with a haggard and tired face, curiously dressed in white and tinged with dementia.

Evil will appear again using the aesthetics of any human, who, although appearing as the leader of the demonic hosts on Earth, is surpassed in evil by the archangel Gabriel himself.

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