Khuda Hafiz Movie 2020, also known as May God Be Your Protector is an action thriller movie that has been released on August 28. While the critics gave mixed reviews, it has rapidly attracted huge attention from the audience due to its impressive plot, the pro performances of the cast, and many other factors.

Let give you an overview of this movie via the following article!

Khuda Hafiz Movie 2020 Overview

It is written and directed by Faruk Kabir who started his career as a director in 2006 via a short film called The Awakening. Since 2000, the 1983-born director has joined 7 movie projects including Khuda Hafiz but he just gained fame when his 2010 crime drama film Allah Ke Banday was released.

Khuda Hafiz
Khuda Hafiz was officially released on August 28 by Disney+ Hotstar.

Speaking of his latest movie, Khuda Hafiz is set in the financial crisis (2007-2008). Based on true events, it revolves around a young man called Sameer Chaudhary on the race to save his wife from a group of flesh traders.

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Khuda Hafiz Movie 2020 Songs

Released on August 11, the soundtrack album was composed by Mithun Sharma, better known as Mithoon, under Zee Music Company. Meanwhile, Sayeed Quadri and Mithoon teamed up to write the lyrics. The Hindi-language album lasts 20.53 minutes.

Here are 6 songs in the album:

  • Jaan Ban Gaye
  • Jaan Ban Gaye (Reprise)
  • Khuda Haafiz by Vishal Dadlani
  • Mera Intezaar Karna
  • Aakhri Kadam Tak
  • And Khuda Haafiz (Unplugged)
Shivaleeka Oberoi
Shivaleeka Oberoi portraits Nargis.

Khuda Hafiz Movie 2020 Cast

The cast of the movie includes Vidyut Jammwal, Shivaleeka Oberoi, Shiv Panditt, and Annu Kapoor. Accordingly, Vidyut Jammwal plays the main role as Sameer Choudhary while Shivaleeka Oberoi portraits Sameer’s kidnapped wife.

The cast of Khuda Hafiz as below:

  • Vidyut Jammwal.
  • Shivaleeka Oberoi.
  • Annu Kapoor.
  • Shiv Panditt.
  • Aahana Kumra.
  • Vipin Sharma.
  • Nawab Shah.

Vidyut Jammwals Khuda Hafiz

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Plot Of Khuda Hafiz 2020 Full Movie Download

Sameer works as a software engineer and gets married to Nargis in 2007. After the financial crisis, both lose jobs and have to look for a new job in Noman (a fictional country in the Middle East). However, after Nargis arrives in this country, Sameer receives her call for help. He immediately travels to Noman and meets a taxi driver named Usman Hamid Ali Murad who helps him a lot on the journey to seek his wife.

Vidyut Jammwal as Sameer.

Although Sameer tries his best to seek his wife, all clues don’t show any effect, including the phone numbers and address the employee at Ansaar Overseas Recruitment gives him. He even contacts the Indian embassy and then accidentally learns that the man called Shirazi is involved with flesh traders. It is a great pity that right when he sees his wife, he is attacked by the brothel’s owners, and once against, loses track of Nargis.

The story continues when Sameer meets Faiz Abu Malik - a cop who is willing to give support to him. They check the CCTV footage of the airport and learn that Nargis get on a black van. The footage also shows a bald man who is then known as a modelling coordinator named Iztek Regini.

Main Cast
Nargis and Sameer.

Next, Faiz and his teammate, Tamena, finds an unidentified corpse that allegedly belongs to Nargis. Although Sameer doesn’t want to believe that his wife’s death is true, he realized that the corpse had Nargis’s pendant. And finally, he decides to return to India after her funeral.

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However, Sameer doesn’t intend to board the flight. He cosplays a girl to approach the flesh trader Iztek on purpose to avenge his wife. After a fierce fight, when he is about to terminate the Algerian guy, Iztek reveals that his wife is still alive.

Vidyut Jammwal

And then, Tamena and Faiz appear along with Usman and confirm that what Iztek says is true. Suddenly, Faiz aims the gun at Sameer but Tamena manages to help him escape from the traitor. The software engineer luckily finds his wife Nargis and other victims on a truck. Meanwhile, Tamena is killed by Faiz who contacts Iztek’s boss to handle the troublesome incident.

At the end of the movie, Sameer duels with Faiz and takes him down. He finally succeeds to rescue his wife (and of course, other women) from flesh traders. The couple decides to return to India and Usman comes to say goodbye to them.

2020 must be a special year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, the Bollywood movie industry has made an effort to bring the latest and hottest movies to the audience. And Khuda Hafiz Movie 2020 must deserve a try.

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