It is great to watch the best movies on Netflix for families with your family members in free time, especially in summer days or while maintaining the social distancing amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The following movies may belong to a variety of genres but they all make a powerful impression on the audience. What are they?

Now, let’s take a quick look at the following list with! Which movie suits your taste the most?

List Of Best Movies On Netflix For Families

Money Heist (3 Seasons)

Amongst the best movies on Netflix for family, Money Heist is the movie you shouldn’t watch if you don’t want to become its big fan. Lots of Money Heist’s fans spend many continuous days watching all of the episodes. As suggested via its name, the TV series revolves around long-prepared heists made by amateurs.

In seasons 1 and 2, the man nicknamed “The Professor” collects 8 people as a bunch of bandits who wear red jumpsuits and mask with the painter Salvador Dali. These robbers are nicknamed after cities including Helsinki, Oslo, Moscow, Nairobi, Denver, Tokyo, Rio, and Berlin. They arrest hostages and print money on purpose to escape safe and sound with €2.4B.

best movies on netflix for families
Money Heist is one of the best movies on Netflix for families you shouldn't miss.

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Bates Motel

Bates Motel is a TV series for those who want to watch the psychological horror genre. It revolves around the youth of Norman Bates and his complicated physiological changes before and after becoming a notorious serial killer.

The plot in Bates Motel has a lot in common with that in the 1960 psychological horror thriller movie Psycho. Bates Motel mentions the life of mother and son in the Norma family; however, the mother-son couple has a weirdly close relationship and that’s why Norma then forms two personalities, half as his mother and half as himself. Bates Motel is a must-watch series for those who are looking for good movies on Netflix for the family.

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Stranger Things

For those unknown, Stranger Things is based on true stories - it is MKULTRA - a cruelty-free project carried out by the American government for 30 years from 1953 to 1973. This project aimed to control humans’ minds via cruel experiments to create a unique weapon from the participants’ neural system.

12-year-old Eleven is one of the project’s participants and trained as a killer machine. After accidentally letting a monster invade the Earth, she, fortunately, escapes from the lab. However, Will, aged 12, is then kidnapped by the monster. His three close friends including Mike, Dustin, and Lucas don’t believe that Will passes away, and they begin to seek him.

Stranger Things
Stranger Things.


The next name on the list of best movies on Netflix for families is Narcos - a TV series that is based upon a true story about the “greatest-ever” drug baron Pablo Escobar. Narcos revolves around the life of Pablo Escobar - a Colombian baron who shook the United States by tons of the narcotics.

Right after its release, Narcos received high appreciation from the critics and became one of the top 25 best TV series of all time and one of the most attractive TV series on Netflix. In other words, Narcos must be amongst the best movies on Netflix quora you must watch at least once.


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Peaky Blinders

Another TV series you should consider watching along with your family in free time is Peaky Blinders under the crime drama genre. It mentions a fight for power amongst gangster families in England in the early 1900s. Peaky Blinders revolves around the intentions to expand their criminal organization.

As one of the best movies on Netflix originals, Peaky Blinders depicts a series of issues of members in the Shelby family. The most powerful leader in this family is Thomas Shelby who manages to turn the Shelby family into an underground empire in England.

The Haunting Of Hill House

If members in your family are fond of horror movies, The Haunting Of Hill House deserves a spot on the must-watch list. Unlike many other horror movies, The Haunting Of Hill House shows us something very different about this kind of genre.

Via the thrilling narration, the TV series helps us know why incidents take place, and why characters do like that. We can also comprehend their pain and fear more obviously. The family relationship is another notable issue to mention in The Haunting Of Hill House. Although all have their own life when growing up, members of a family always have a special bond called close familial love.

Above are the best movies on Netflix for families you should consider to enjoy with your family in free time. Additionally, you can also watch other hot movies on the best movies on Netflix list.

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