What can be worse than enjoying your favorite game while the Internet connection is unstable? Let gurugamer.com provide you with the list of best offline survival games for Android under 100MB that may be your savior in free time without the Internet connection.

1. Zombie Watch

This game aims at gamers in love with the top offline survival games for Android and the zombie topic. It is set in the post-apocalyptic world in which you have to try your best to beat zombies and become the final survivor.

Zombie Watch
Zombie Watch.

Additionally, you need to collect items to create cool weapons and a firm base to struggle against the mutant zombies. Don’t forget the two day and night modes that offer you the most realistic experience. The limitless stress in Zombie Watch also reveals how lonely you can feel like the only warrior.

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2. Survival Of Primitive

Survival Of Primitive is one of the best offline survival games for Android Under 100MB that many gamers have chosen to play in free time. This game has a new attractive plot and exciting experience for gamers. Accordingly, you will have a chance to live in the prehistoric age when the great civilizations in the world haven’t formed yet.

Survival Of Primitive
Survival Of Primitive.

You play the role of a tribal man abandoned since his birth. To keep surviving, you need to gather materials to build a secure base and struggle against severe nature. Remember that a diverse library of weapons can help you beat wild animals.

3. Portal Knights

If you are looking for the best offline survival game for Android, Port Knights deserves a consideration. This game is recognized as a perfect version that combines the currently good survival games including Minecraft and Legend Of Zelda.

Portal Knights
Portal Knights.

The Lego graphics and establishment of the fighting construction in an open world in Portal Knights have a lot in common with those in Minecraft. With the attractive action gameplay, Portal Knights becomes a great choice for any gamer who wants to conquer the challenges in a surviving battle.

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4. This War Of Mine

This War Of Mine depicts the worst aspects and losses of any war. You are just an unknown man in a normal life before the war happens. When everything ends, your life, as well as the life of others, changes completely. No home, no family, no money, you and many other homeless people have to settle in dilapidated military bases.

This War Of Mine
This War Of Mine.

How to protect yourself and keep alive is to control the lead character and other survivors to watch over snipers who can terminate your life anytime. This War Of Mine deserves a spot on the list of best offline survival games for Android under 100MB.

5. The Sun: Origin

The Sun: Origin is a first-person shooter that offers you countless gun battles from both sides. The game includes lots of interesting elements such as the diverse task system, many kinds of weapons, trade, mutants, prowlers, and fighting factions.

The Sun Origin
The Sun: Origin.

Not only does this game allow you to enjoy voyeuristic battles, but it also helps you know more about its plot. There have now been more than 5 lakhs downloads of The Sun: Origin. However, this game is labeled for only gamers beyond 16 years old.

6. The Bunker

As one of the top offline survival games for Android, The Bunker is known for taking the horror video games to a new high level. It is a combination of thrilling action scenes and collecting items to move on. Lots of scary stories hidden in the video game make gamers deep in the fearful emotions but unable to stop playing it.

The Bunker
The Bunker.

Speaking of the outstanding characteristics of The Bunker, many first think about the character’s expression that is depicted clearly enough for gamers to realize the border between survival and being killed. Additionally, to enhance reality, developers used the expression of characters in the bunker - which is not edited via visual effects.

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7. Don’t Starve

The last name on the list of best offline survival games for Android under 100MB is Don’t Starve. Released in 2013, this game has kept remaining its huge attraction towards gamers. With Don’t Starve, you will start a new life full of funny moments. Each level in the game aims to require gamers to learn to struggle against severe nature and become the final survivor.

best offline survival games for android under 100mb
Don't Starve.

You also need to hunt animals, collect items as much as possible to create the surviving equipment. There are a lot of interesting elements in this game inspired by Tim Burton.

Above are 7 best offline survival games for Android under 100MB that you can play even when there is an unstable Internet connection. Hope that you will have a great time with at least one or more game on this list.

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