Sunny Leone has over 66 lakh followers on TikTok. The recent ban targeting Chinese apps due to privacy concerns of the Indian Government also means Sunny will lose this well-followed TikTok account. Many people may think that the actress will be sad when this video-sharing platform is ban in her country. But she is still in a good mood now. Check out the latest updates of her in daily life here.

Sunny Leone Is Still In A Good Mood When TikTok Is Banned In India

The former porn star Sunny Leone is a famous actress in India. She has a great number of fans and followers on social media. She keeps in contact with fans on Instagram and other social media accounts. Her TikTok account has up to 66 lakh followers. She shared a lot of videos of her in daily life on this platform to contact her followers.

Sunny Leone Enjoys Dancing
Sunny Leone Enjoys Dancing With Her Friend

The ban targeting Chinese apps, including TikTok, also means the actress will lose a great number of fans in this country. Moreover, she cannot be active on this account when coming back to India. That makes a lot of people think Sunny will be sad. But in fact, Sunny is still enjoying her happy life with family and friends.

Hopping On A Trampoline
Sunny Leone Was Hopping On A Trampoline Happily

She posted many pictures and videos of her on Instagram to share those happy moments in life with fans. She still meets friends, enjoys dancing and swimming with them, and go to the beach in a good mood. It seems that the TikTok ban of the Government does not matter the actress.

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She still has other channels to keep in touch with fans and share great moments in her life with followers. Her Instagram account has 372 lakh followers. She also keeps updating her life and activities in pictures and videos on Instagram.