How can you feel a wide range of emotions in a short time? The simplest and fastest way is to watch a romantic tragedy movie that takes you from the initial happy moments of a love story to the saddest final minutes in the character’s life. And Netflix has a huge collection of such movies.

Take a quick look at the following list with to learn which movies are amongst the best romantic tragedy ones!

Marriage Story

Marriage Story is one of the most potential candidates for the Oscar 2020 award. With the great performances of two big stars Scarlett Johansson and Adam Driver, this movie depicts vividly and sincerely a bicoastal divorce of an artist couple.

A normal divorce can be a surprisingly brutal battle when both husband and wife don’t want to give in to each other. Each of their steps is taken with a clear purpose to take down the opponent and win the battle.

Marriage Story

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An Education

The most helpful thing we learn sometimes doesn’t come from our parents or teachers but from our own life after a lot of mistakes. That’s also the message the movie An Education sends to its audience. First released in 2009 in the Sundance Film Festival, and then shown in many other events before its official release in October that year, An Education earned up to 3 Oscar nominations and many other awards for the Best Actress, Best Non-American Film, the Best International Film, and more.

The movie is based on journalist Lynn Barber’s memoir of the same name and revolves around her love scandal with a man over 30 when she was a high school student. It is directed by Lone Scherfig, written by Nick Hornby, and marks the collaboration of Carey Mulligan, Emma Thompson, Peter Sarsgaard, Dominic Cooper, and Rosamund Pike. Watch it right now if you are looking for a romantic tragedy movie on weekend!


When it comes to the best romantic tragedy movies on Netflix, Adrift is a must-watch you shouldn’t miss. This sad romance movie gets inspired by a true story of a couple on the sea. Adrift is a good option for those who are single, traveling lovers, and of course, couples.

It revolves around Tami (Shailene Woodley) and Richard (Sam Claflin) who meet and love each other due to their big love for traveling around the world. On the boat named Hazana, they discover new lands and experience wonderful moments without any concerns about life. One day, the storm Raymond attacks their boat, making them floating on the vast ocean.


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A Star Is Born

A Star Is Born is one of the musical movies that receive a lot of acclaims from both the audience and the critics. It tells a story about a love story about famous country singer Jackson Maine (Bradley Cooper) and a waitress with a passionate voice Ally (Lady Gaga). One day, Jackson visits the bar and is immediately charmed by Ally’s voice. From that moment, music becomes the tie to connect two strangers.

Call Me By Your Name

Although it didn’t win the 2018 Academy Award for the Best Picture, Call Me By Your Name definitely deserves a nomination for this category. The movie revolves around a romantic relationship between a 17-year-old teenager Elio (Timothee Chalamet) and a 24-year-old student Oliver (Armie Hammer) in Italia in 1983.

Elio is a sensitive teenager with prominent musical talent while Oliver is a free and open-minded student. Elio gradually realizes his love for Oliver and often doesn’t know what to do with it. Their tear-inducing love has left the global audience with a lot of emotions and of course, it deserves a spot on the list of romantic tragedy movies to date.

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The Great Gatsby

Based on F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel of the same name, The Great Gatsby is known as one of the most successful adapted movies of all time. And therefore, this movie is always amongst the best romantic tragedy movies. It tells a story about the life and love of millionaire Jay Gatsby (Leonardo DiCaprio).

Gatsby is just a poor guy in love with beautiful Daisy (Carey Mulligan). To win her heart, he tries his best to set his steps on the elites in New York City and starts an affair with Daisy. However, the real-life is always cruel, does Gatsby gain what he always dreams of? And after all, does Daisy choose to be with him?

The Great Gatsby

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