Born in 1996, Sanjana Sanghi has become one of the promising young actresses in Bollywood. Although she mainly plays pivotal roles in films, the number of Sanjana Sanghi ads may make anyone of us surprised: more than 150 ads. Which ads do you get impressed the most? Check some of the most notable ads of Sanjana Sanghi with right now!

Who Is Sanjana Sanghi?

Sanjana Sanghi was born on 02 September 1996. She works as a model and an actress in Bollywood. She graduated from Lady Shri Ram College in Delhi four years ago, in 2017. Sanjana Sanghi started her acting career in 2011 via her role as Heer’s younger sister Mandy Kaul in the musical romantic movie Rockstar after director Mukesh Chhabra accidentally saw her performance on stage. However, while she has just joined about 5 movie projects during her career, she has been a familiar face of many famous brands via advertisements for Coca-Cola, Dabur, Cadbury, Aircel, Myntra, and Tanishq.


1. Close-Up Ad (2015)

Many Indians may still remember the 2015 Close-Up ad starring Sanjana Sanghi. In the video, she looks stunning and comes toward a boy who is immediately impressed by her sweet and young beauty. A few accidental moments manage to connect the couple and one of the key factors to build their romantic relationship, of course, is thanks to Close-up.

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2. Dabur Hair Oil Ad (2015)

Apart from toothpaste, the audience also gets impressed by Sanjana Sanghi TV ads for shampoo. The actress appears with many different hairstyles but there is one thing in common amongst these styles: her hair is always smooth and shiny and no one can’t resist her attractiveness.

3. Tanishq Sisters Ad (2016)

Tanishq Sisters ad, as suggested via its name, reminds us of the sisterhood and Sanjana Sanghi plays the role of the younger sister. Apart from the sweet moments between the two actresses, the Tanishq bracelet in the last seconds of the ad that the younger sister gives her sister is no doubt the best gift to celebrate sisterhood. The smooth music is a big plus point for this ad.

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4. Coca-Cola Ad (2017)

Sanjana Sanghi appeared in the Coca-Cola ad during the Festival of Lights, Diwali in 2017. The ad revolves around siblings and their daily life. Every conflict then ends up when the brother gives his younger sister (Sanjana Sanghi) a glass of Coca-Cola.

5. Samsung Pay Ad (2017)

Speaking of Sanjana Sanghi ads, she used to promote the Samsung Pay campaign. In this video, she shows the audience the wonderful advantages of the new kind of transaction service in modern society. This ad attracted more than 55 lakh views within less than one day.

6. Gionee Ad (2017)

It’s not surprising that both Alia Bhatt and Sanjana Sanghi entered the Gionee Ad. In 2016, Gionee started to develop its brand and distribute a wide range of mobile phones from feature phones, phablets, and smartphones in India. One year later, the company launched an advertising campaign in which Alia Bhatt and Sanjana Sanghi sang a vibrant song and offered funny moments to audiences across the country.

7. Lifestyle Ad (2019)

The Lifestyle Ad reveals to us a stunning Sanjana Sanghi in advertising. The fashion brand depicts a gorgeous Diwali even on a normal day like any other day in our life. A Lifestyle collection including bracelet, watch, and shoes are very catchy. And Sanjana Sanghi had a great performance in this short ad.

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8. Pepsi Ad (2019)

In addition to the Coca-Cola ad, Sanjana Sanghi also shoots an ad campaign for Pepsi, the long-time rival of the Coca-Cola Company. Furthermore, this Sanjana Sanghi Pepsi ad captures many hearts of big fans of Salman Khan - the blockbuster star in India.

9. Lionsgate Play Ad (2020)

The Lionsgate Play Ad that aims to promote an OTT platform may be the most hated ad Sanjana Sanghi has performed during her career. In the video, Sanjana Sanghi and an actor play the role of a couple who doesn’t know what to watch on a streaming service. When the man asks her to choose the show, she slaps him 8 times until he asked her to stop. They then decide to watch the eighth show.

Right after its release, the ad came under fire because of its domestic violence. Pooja Bedi said on Twitter that she felt absolutely horrified to watch this ad. Sanjana Sanghi then removed it from her Instagram page.

Above are 9 of the most popular Sanjana Sanghi ads her fans should watch at least once. Which ad do you like the most? Tell us in the comment box below. And don’t forget to keep updating the latest news and movies on the Movies section at!