In the game Starfield, surviving the unforgiving galactic overworld becomes challenging when players' health is at risk. To ensure their well-being, they'll need to acquire nourishment and supplies to replenish their dwindling stamina. Those with low health will find healing items essential for their exploration and combat endeavors. Food items not only restore players' health points (HP) but also provide a range of benefits, such as boosting their resistance to damage, increasing carrying capacity, and enhancing oxygen recovery.

Explorers have the opportunity to discover food items as valuable loot scattered throughout the galaxies or craft specific recipes at designated cooking stations. In this guide, we'll highlight the top 10 food items that offer excellent healing capabilities in the world of Starfield.

1. Alien Kebab

In Starfield, gamers have the option to consume an Alien Kebab, a unique food item that boosts their health points. Unlike other in-game loot, this particular delicacy cannot be found while scavenging various locations; instead, players must prepare it themselves at the ship's cooking station. Upon consumption, the Alien Kebab has a revitalizing effect, replenishing 12 health points and granting an Energy Resistance bonus of +60 for a duration of 8 minutes.

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Alien Kebab

2. Dawn's Roost Strip

The Dawn's Roost Strip item in Starfield offers players valuable advantages, including a health restoration of 12 points and a notable boost of +11 oxygen for a duration of 10 minutes. Unlike the Alien Kebab, obtaining this item requires players to make a visit to Royce Elgin, the vendor situated at the Pioneer Tower. You can find this seller's establishment in New Atlantis, Jemison, which is located within the Alpha Centauri System.

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Dawn's Roost Strip

3. Jemison Wellington

Within the Starfield universe, Jemison Wellington is a delectable dish served alongside a creamy sauce. Comprising beef tenderloin and prosciutto, this meal's flavors are greatly enhanced when paired with the accompanying sauce. Partaking in Jemison Wellington results in a character receiving a 12-point health boost. Furthermore, it imparts a temporary +4 increase in carrying capacity for a duration of 5 minutes, providing players with the strength needed to handle hefty materials.

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Jemison Wellington

To acquire the Jemison Wellington food item, travelers should journey to the same planet where Dawn's Roost Strip can be found.

4. Latkes

In Starfield, players have the option to replenish 8 points of their lost health by indulging in Latkes. This culinary delight is composed of a mixture of potatoes, eggs, and onions, and for an enhanced flavor, they can opt to incorporate either flour or matzo meal. While primarily serving as a restorative item for health, Latkes also bestow a beneficial +11 oxygen boost for a duration of 8 minutes.

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To prepare Latkes at the cooking station, players must first complete the food and drink research project, and they can commence this undertaking once they have gathered all the necessary ingredients for crafting Latkes.

5. Patty Melt

In Starfield, the Patty Melt essentially functions as a restorative hamburger for the player's character. This burger features ingredients like cheese, toasted bread, and diced potatoes, and those who partake in it can regain 12 points of health. Unlike the previously mentioned meals with various effects, Patty Melt is primarily consumed for its healing properties.

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Patty Melt

To obtain this beneficial item, players can head to The Rock, situated in Akila City within the Cheyenne System. Here, a merchant named August Bowen offers Patty Melt for sale, allowing players to acquire it from him.

6. Pierogi

In Starfield, the Pierogi serves as a nourishing item that allows players to replenish their lost HP. This culinary creation combines potatoes and cheese, granting the character a restoration of 12 health points upon consumption. Thanks to this curative provision, individuals who have suffered injuries can swiftly recover from their wounds and continue their interstellar exploration.

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To acquire Pierogis, players have three distinct options. These delectable food items can be located at The Rock in Alika City on planet Alika, at Kay's House within The Well on planet Jemison, and at the Brown Horse Tavern in New Homestead on planet Titan.

7. Ta'ameya Pita

To acquire Ta'ameya Pita in Starfield, players need to journey to the same location where they can purchase Pierogis and Patty Melt. By exploring the planet Alika within the Cheyenne System, they can encounter the vendor August Bowen at The Rock, who offers this item to the player's character.

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Ta'ameya Pita

Upon consumption, Ta'ameya Pita has the sole effect of restoring 12 health points. Unlike the UC Battle Meal, which not only replenishes health but also boosts carrying capacity, Ta'ameya Pita doesn't yield any additional benefits.

8. The Deep

In the world of Starfield, the preparation of The Deep recipe offers characters a delightful experience of savoring grilled alien Salmon. This delectable dish reaches its full potential when accompanied by a combination of mixed vegetables and mashed potatoes. Utilizing the cooking station, players can craft this food item, which enables them to recover 16 points of health. To embark on this culinary adventure, one must gather the necessary ingredients, including Spice, Red Meat, Celery, Carrot, and Potato.

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The Deep

9. Trilo Bites

In the Starfield universe, Trilo Bites stands as a food item designed to restore characters' health by 12 points. This particular dish is crafted by sautéing petite alien arthropods and serving them with a side of whipped bitter. While it effectively replenishes HP upon consumption, it doesn't provide any additional advantages. Opting for items with multiple effects may be a more strategic choice.

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Trilo Bites

For those interested in acquiring Trilo Bites, they can do so by paying a visit to the vendor Royce Elgin, located at the Pioneer Tower. This tower can be found on the planet Jemison within the Alpha Centauri System in New Atlantis.

10. Veggie Grinder

Within the Starfield game, the Veggie Grinder is a food item renowned for its ability to replenish health by 12 points. By indulging in this substantial hoagie, players can swiftly mend their wounds and recover from the damage they've sustained. The Veggie Grinder is made up of roasted vegetables and mushrooms.

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Veggie Grinder

To obtain the Veggie Grinder, players can conveniently make their purchase from the Starfield vendor, August Bowen, who offers it for sale at The Rock. Interested explorers can locate him within Alika City.

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