Hardcore is the hardest mode in Minecraft, where death is permanent. When a player dies in a hardcore world, they would just get the "game over" message.

In order to face the challenge of the hardcore mode, using the right seed is the best way to go, as most deaths happen early on when players haven't found enough resources and gear. In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase the 10 best Minecraft 1.19.2 hardcore seeds in 2022.

1. A Bit of Everything

  • Seed: 5147723731320877628
The Warden Ancient City Centre Monument
A Bit of Everything

If you’re looking to explore all of the new content added to Minecraft in one single Seed, this might be the perfect one. This seed contains all the new content of version 1.19, directly at spawn! Players start at the foot of the Stony Peak Mountains, which has tons of early game resources.

There are 5 Ancient Cities directly beneath the spawn and a mangrove swamp in the vicinity as well.

2. All Jungle Seed

  • Seed: 21320
Jungle Village Minecraft Seed
All Jungle Seed

This Minecraft seed offers players all three types of jungle biome at spawn, including the regular jungle, sparse jungle, and bamboo jungle. The first jungle temple can be seen at coordinates -650, 200, which is to the southwest. There is also a rather large village on the border with badlands at coordinates -250, -150.

3. All Biomes Nearby

  • Seed: 7693313197247332859
11 Biomes At Spawn
All Biomes Nearby

This is one of the hardest seeds to get - it contains essentially every single biome present in Minecraft near the spawn. Some are as close as 100 blocks away while others are located within 2,000 blocks.

It is a perfect seed if you want to explore all the terrain the game offers.

4. Village and Allays

  • Seed: 1976821797309326280

After spawning in a Savanna, you can follow the coordinates below to the Savanna village. You can set up base here for an easy start – access to tons of food and shelter.

Allay In Game 1200x675
Village and Allays

Afterward, you can hit the pillager outpost nearby for some Allay spawn. There is a woodland mansion nearby for even more of them.

5. Zombie village

  • Seed: 5043976

A village has a 2% chance of generating as an abandoned village (also known as zombie village). In an abandoned village, all generated villagers are instead zombie villagers, and all doors and torches are missing. The zombie villagers do not despawn, but have no resistance to sunlight.

Trap Zombie Villager
Zombie village

Zombie villages are getting harder to find these days, but the one in this seed appears right at spawn inside the ice spikes biome. Behind it, you'll find a strange combo of a pillager outpost and an igloo at coordinates 50, and -200. Good thing that igloo has a basement, so go get your golden apples right away!

6. Mushroom Island

  • Seed: 7749012223532925400

This seed has one of the biggest Mushroom Field islands I’ve ever come across in Minecraft. The biome is perfect to settle down and build your first base, as it does not have hostile mob spawns.

The island is surrounded by a ring of Ocean Monuments. Additionally, you can head east and find a colder climate with snowy villages and igloos. Alternatively, there are multiple biomes to explore in the west. You’ll also find multiple villages; you can choose which ones you’d like to raid.

Mushroom Field
Mushroom Island

7. Ancient City, Mountains, and a Village

  • Seed: 848592331319609162

Upon entering the world, you’ll see snowy mountains, frozen lakes, and a waterfall flowing out of a particular mountain. The mountains contain Goats, which are very rare at spawn, so you'll also have an effective method of farming Goat Horns.

Minecraft Goat Mountain
Ancient City, Mountains, and a Village

Additionally, after exploring, you’ll come across a decent-sized village in the area. Behind the mountain, you can also find a massive exposed cave, which leads directly to an ancient city. There's also a Dripstone Cave nearby.

8. 25 Ancient cities

  • Seed: -8169586992898948313

There are at least 25 ancient cities in this one Deep Dark biome. While villages sprawl the terrain above, the Deep Dark spreads underneath.

Ancient Cities Sculk Shrieker Sculk Catalyst More
25 Ancient cities

So when you’re ready, say goodbye to the sunlight because you’ll be down there for a while. There are countless treasures for you to discover and loot down in the deep dark.

9. Spawn Inside an Ancient City

  • Seed: 565535403532980236

This seed put your spawn point inside 2 Ancient Cities. You’ll start off next to a Dripstone Cave and the Ancient City itself.

Minecraft Ancient Cities 2
Spawn Inside an Ancient City

With a bit of luck, you can grab the highest-level loot from the ancient cities' chests and start the game right away. However, everything comes at a price, and surviving in not 1 but 2 Ancient Cities that too in the start is extremely difficult.

10. Lake And Snowy Mountains

  • Seed: -6614148827412908321

With this seed, you’ll find a Taiga Village nestled into the side of a mountain, which overlooks a lake. Near spawn is a Zombie Plains Village as well as buried treasure. As you explore outwards, you’ll also find an Igloo and Plains Village.

Snowy Taiga
Lake And Snowy Mountains

The seed does have more to offer, though.  The island in the middle of the lake would be perfect for a mansion. And behind it is a stunning icy mountain range.

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