The lack of inventory space has always been one of the most annoying things in Vanilla Minecraft. After exploring the world for hours, players would usually run out of slots to store their loot. Before 1.20, the only way to save the items is to put them in a chest on a donkey or use Ender Chests that can connect to each other. However, with the arrival of 1.20, we are going to get the new bundle feature - with it, players can expand their storage with ease.

In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase how to create bundles in Minecraft 1.20 snapshots.

Bundle in Minecraft

About Bundle in Minecraft

Currently, bundles are only available as an exclusive experimental feature in Minecraft 1.20 Java Snapshots. Their mechanics are subject to changes during the Bedrock release and later stages of development. They have been revealed for quite a while now, ever since Minecraft Live 2020.

Bundles In Minecraft
From empty to full

Bundles are pretty much chests that you can carry in your inventory. With every bundle in your inventory, you will get up to sixty-four bundle storage cells or one stack storage slot. However, unlike your own inventory, the storage mechanics of bundles is a bit different.

Minecraft bundle storage mechanic

A bundle adds 64 stackable slots for stackable items and a new single slot for non-stackable items. However, the size of the item inside the bundle is based on its stack size. An item with max stack 16 will take 4 slots while an item with max stack 64 will take 1 slot.

Storage Options In A Bundle Of Minecraft
storage mechanic


  • If you put any non-stackable item (potion bottle, weapon, tool...) inside it, the bundle is full and you can't place anything else.
  • If you put 32 sticks (max 64 in a stack), the bundle would be 50% full. Afterward, you can only put 8 ender pearls (50% of a 16 stack) into the bundle.

This means it is only for storing stackables - the overall carrying capacity of players would be the same, it is just that they can carry a bigger variety of items now.

How to use Bundles in Minecraft

Players have to use bundles are manual items. They don't work like chests or player inventory.

Empty Bundle In Minecraft
How to use

Just left-click to select a bundle then right-click an item to store them or right-click an empty slot to dump items out of the bundle. The item that was picked last will come out first, following a stack order.

How to enable Bundle Datapack in Java Edition

Players need to create a game with the snapshot datapack to make bundles. Follow the steps below to learn how to enable it:

Activate Snapshots In Minecraft Launcher
Firstly, you need to enable snapshots in the Installation tab of Minecraft.
Create New World In Snapshot
Go back to the menu and create a new world.
Bundle Data Pack In Minecraft
Click on the Data Pack button then select and activate the Bundle datapack.

How to make a bundle in Minecraft

To craft a bundle, players need 6 rabbit hides and 2 strings, along with a crafting table.

Crafting Recipe Of Bundles In Minecraft
Crafting Recipe

Just place rabbit hide in each cell of the bottommost row of the crafting area and one string in each corner of the topmost row of the crafting area. Afterward, fill the rest of the slots (except for the center) with rabbit hides.

Strings can be obtained from spiders. Rabbit hides drop from rabbits spawn in the desert, snowy, and taiga biomes.

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