When it comes to decoration, Minecraft has everything to offer as the game features a lot of items you can get creative with. In fact, we have been surprised by how many unexpected works that players have invested their creativity in.

If you also aspire to have some aesthetic pumpkins in your game, here’s a quick guide on Minecraft pumpkin carving.

Minecraft Pumpkin Carving

How to carve Pumpkin in Minecraft

In short:

In order to carve a pumpkin in Minecraft, all you need is shears and a pumpkin. Once you have had a pumpkin and shears equipped in the Hotbar, you just have to right-click the pumpkin with shears.

Required materials for Minecraft pumpkin carving

  • Pumpkin: Where to find pumpkins in Minecraft? You can find these blocks in the same way as mushrooms, although they don’t spread. They are found most commonly in plains and extreme hills biomes. Other places to harvest them are swamp biomes (after update 1.8.), sand, and snow-covered zones (rarer).
  • Shears: To obtain a shear, players need 2 iron ingots. These materials are, luckily, not too hard to get if you mine seriously in the game.

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Minecraft pumpkin carving steps

As soon as you have got the pumpkin and shears, what you need to do is to right-click on the pumpkin with the shears in your hands. Then, you shall have the carved pumpkin ready.

It is indeed very straightforward and simple. When players have craved their pumpkins, they need to hold the mining button down, and then the craved pumpkin is now collectible.

How To Carve A Pumpkin Minecraft

Once you have picked it up physically, you can also wear it on your head.

For the unknown, if you wear the pumpkin, it will give you a special appearance as if you are wearing a carved pumpkin.

However, do notice that these pumpkin heads have no armor value. They just look interesting if you want to level your decorating game up.


Pumpkins are a unique item you can use for various reasons besides armorless values.  You may also create a snow golem and Minecraft jack-o’lanterns with these pumpkins.

That’s why you should make the best use of pumpkins in Minecraft and not overlook its potential even though they can look like mundane items.​

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