Minecraft is a huge open-world game with lots of areas for players to explore. To get a quick start, nothing beat starting out next to a village. Players can loot chests in villages, trade with villagers for items and harvest the food on the nearby farms. In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase the 5 best village seeds for Minecraft 1.19 update (Java Edition).

1. Desert Villages and Pyramids

  • World Seed: 6630997395534342573

This desert seed gives players access to two villages on opposite sides of the spawn. As desert is a rather hard-to-survive start, getting early access to villages allows players to skip the hardest part. One villager is found at (X: 64, Z: 0), and the other is located at (X: -160, Z: -144).

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Desert Villages and Pyramids

Players can also find another village in the north, alongside a ruined Nether portal and a shipwreck. They can also loot two desert pyramids at (X: 136, Z: 296) and (X: -472, Z: -216). These structures can yield a lot of valuable items including the enchanted golden apple.

2. Mountain Village

  • World Seed: -183412789913619791

This is definitely a great starter seed if you want to explore the new content right away. You'll spawn right next to a village on the mountain with two blacksmiths that'll have good loot to start you off.

Moutain Village
Mountain Village

Afterward, you can dig down underneath the village to find two ancient cities. The first one is at coordinates: 174, -38, 586 and right next to it, you can find a stronghold at 91, -33, 649. If you venture into the nether from this location, you'll spawn next to a bastion connected to a nether fortress.

3. Mangrove Desert Village

  • World Seed: 348722287802000751

In this seed, you'll spawn in a desert village near a Mangrove Swamp surrounded by an army of frogs hopping around the place. Some of the village buildings are as big as the trees in the Mangrove swamp, and if you go underneath the village, you would find a stronghold. Build a nether portal in this village to spawn directly next to a Nether Fortress.

Desert Village
Mangrove Desert Village

4. Border Village Between Biomes

  • World Seed: 21320

This Minecraft seed has a little bit of everything. It spawns at a crossroad bordering a forest, jungle, and badlands biome at approximately (X: -250, Z: -150). The village in this spawn is also quite a bit larger than what players can usually find. Being close to a badland biome also provides opportunities to explore mineshafts for XP and loot.

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Border Village Between Biomes 

It might take a while to travel to the village but after players have reached it, they would have enough supplies for their survival and building needs.

5. Ice spike Villages

  • World Seed: -1683905072585972978

Ice spike biomes are one of the worst biomes to spawn in Minecraft, however, if players want to roleplay, they are fairly decent. This seed spawns three villages near the spawn point to allow players to loot and get a head start. There are even a few igloos with basements nearby for extra looting. The villages in question can be found at (X: 243, Y: 63, Z: 239) and (X: 85, Y: 65, Z: -159).

Ice spike Villages

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