GTA Online is a huge online sandbox game with tons of things to do, and its tutorial barely scraped the surface. Players are just dropped onto the map without any guidance on where to go. Because of that, beginners usually make a lot of inefficient mistakes that might slow down their progression.

In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase the 5 mistakes GTA Online beginners often make when starting out.

1. Doing sell missions in public lobby

Selling missions are absolutely critical in GTA Online - they are the main source of money early on. However, doing selling missions in the wrong lobby can be fatal, as players could be attacked by other players and lose all their hard earned money.

Sell missions

After the Criminal Enterprises DLC update, Rockstar has made the new player experience much easier by allowing all businesses to operate in Invite Only lobbies. This means players can grind money in peace, without harassment from griefers. However, many players are not aware of this and still doing business in public lobbies.

While public selling yield more cash, it is just not worth the trouble.

2. Buying and selling commodities without planning

While players can buy and sell anything at any time, it is actually not that efficient. Many vehicles in GTA Online have a lower price that would be unlocked after players have fulfilled a requirement.

Buying and selling commodities

The game also resets every Thursday, bringing new updates and offers, which often include discounts on various items. It is best to wait until after the weekly update before buying or selling items in GTA Online.

3. Stealing supplies instead of buying

Players can either steal or buy supplies to fuel their businesses in GTA Online. While stealing might sound like a good idea as it technically costs nothing, players often forget that they need to spend time fighting and bringing the supplies to their businesses.

Buying, on the other hand, is much faster and more convenient, in exchange for the lower profit margin. After you get sufficient cash for buying the supplies outright, just stick with that instead of stealing.

4. Not doing proper research before buying

Not all businesses in GTA are created equal and each vehicle in GTA is unique. Because of that, it is best to research online first before buying anything. Getting cheap and efficient items based on advises of more experienced players will save you a lot of time and money.

Armoredkuruma Gtao Front
Not doing proper research

The in-game descriptions are often misleading and do not really describe what the particular asset do.

5. Not utilizing the Casino wheel

The lucky wheel in the Diamond Casino is a great way to earn some easy resource every day. Players can get money, RP, chips, discounts, free vehicles, and even clothing from it. Try to visit the Casino at least once every 24 hours to try your luck and get the valuable prizes.

Gta 5 Lucky Wheel Trick
Casino wheel

While getting the podium vehicle is obviously the best outcome, new players can definitely make use of the money and the chips. Players can exchange them to GTA money at the rate of 1:1 in the casino.

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