The Minecraft 1.19 update has added four new mobs to the game, which in turn bring their own unique mechanics. Their additions showcase how impactful adding new mobs can be in a Minecraft update. However, Mojang rarely add mobs, and there are still a lot of unused mobs in the game files. In this article, Gurugamer is going to list out the 5 unreleased mobs that Mojang should add to Minecraft 1.20.

1. Moobloom

Mooblooms are the buttercup-colored variant of the mooshroom. It was part of the Minecraft mob vote in 2020 but in the end, lost to the Glow Squid. They would have spawned in flower forests and interacted with bees in some way. Getting the moobloom added to flower forest and meadow would enhance these biomes even more.


Its body was yellow with big white spots scattered throughout its body and head. It had two big black eyes, just like a mooshroom. It had 4 buttercups growing out of it, with three on its back, and one on its head. It had a white muzzle, a dark grey snout, and gray horns. Exclusively, Mooblooms would have left a trail of buttercups when they walk, making it a renewable source for yellow dye.

2. Iceologer

The Iceologer is a hostile illager who can summon ice. It is also one of the vote options in Minecraft vote 2020, similar to the Moobloom. The Iceologer is called Chillager in Minecraft: Dungeons.


Its attack is called "Ice Blocks" - it summons an ice cloud that hovers above the player. When they fall, players will be stunned and inflicted with the Slowness Effect for a few seconds. Overall, having more dangerous mobs in Minecraft survival is always a good thing, especially magic casters like the Iceologer.

3. Illusioner

The Illusioner is an unused hostile illager mob equipped with bows. They were added in Java Edition 1.12 but are only spawnable through /summon. Apparently, Mojang has plans for them to spawn and take part in raids in the future.

Illusioner Minecraft

Illusioners attack players with their bows and spawns illusions/clones of themselves when any player is too close for its bow to be effective. Furthermore, they turn invisible for 60 seconds when using this ability. The illusions can deal damage and are invulnerable - players need to find the real mob to defeat them.

4. Copper Golem

The copper golem would have been a small robot-like mob that would have been created with copper. It would have been attracted to copper buttons, which would also come with the golem had it won.

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Mojang should definitely consider adding them back to Minecraft in a future update, as its ability to trigger redstone contraptions can be useful in a lot of builds. Similar to a copper block, the copper golem is also affected by oxidation. Players need to remove oxidation occasionally with an ax or the mob would turn into a statue.

5. Glare

The glare would have been a small ghost-like mob that would have been able to alert players to an area that is dark enough for hostile mobs to spawn in. It would be a perfect supporting tool when exploring deep, dark locations like caves and mineshafts.

Minecraft Glare 1

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