Thanks for its impressive shooting mechanics and focus on team cooperation, Apex Legends makes it among the most trending games at the moment with up to 50 million downloads within only a month.

In battle royale games, weapon combination has always been one of the core factors to win. Since you are only allowed to carry two weapons at the same time, you have to make a good decision for the most suitable combo. Now, let’s run through several outstanding combinations! 

The All-Purpose Combination: R301 and Scout

1The G7 Scout

This combo offers you both the close-quarter combat and medium-to-long range combat.

When we talk about damage, fire rate, and accuracy, R301 comes up as the first choice of the area. Thanks for these good qualities, this weapon is reliable in most situations and in close-to-medium range fight in particular.

In the meantime, G7 Scout is able to fire much quicker than Longbow gun and still can hold 5 more bullets. In short, this weapon is considered as the most adaptable sniper rifle in Apex Legends. So this is a kit that you can use in almost every situation.

 The Streamer Special Combination: R301 and Wingman

2The R301 Carbine

You actually can tell it yourself from the name of the combination. R301 and Wingman are the two weapons that streamers would love to use due to its flashiness.

The Carbine is usually a deadly gun in streamers’ hands since they have very impeccable aim.

The Wingman is popular for its two-shot capabilities. Using this combination is really efficient because the game player can use the Wingman to break the opponent’s armor and then kill them with the R301.

 The Deadeye Combination: Longbow/Scout and Wingman

3The Wingman

This combo is supposed for those who love striking their enemies from distance. Longbow is the perfect gun for this aim since it has a wallop of a punch in its stock 5 round magazine. This is nearly double the damage level than the G7 Scout.

The Wingman offers the medium-to-long range. However, the danger that this combination may get is when your opponents get too close for your combo to be efficient. And the amount of bullet you will get for this combo is limited. That’s why you have to make it worth every shot. So if you are thinking of a more intimate choice, we offer you with the below combination.

The Up Close and Personal Combination: R 99 and Peacekeeper

4The Peacekeeper

This combination is a great option for those who tend to get really close to the foes and knock them down. The R-99 fire rate is one of the fastest in Apex Legends. The weapon can finish off all the opponents in a close-quarter fight.

Meanwhile, the Peacekeeper is one of the best shotgun in Apex so far. If you can land most of the pellets on a close target, you will definitely knock them down in up to three shots. However, the gun cannot be used as a medium-to-long range so be prepared for other plans. 

The Bullet Rain Combination: Spitfire and Devotion

5The Spitfire

This combination will give you a huge 79 bullets without any further magazines needed.

Both guns have significant damage capabilities. The Spitfire is quite accurate, yet still very light. The Devotion packs more damage-per-second. So it is obvious that the combination is a perfect choice for those who don’t prefer reloading during combat.

The Beginners Combination: Spitfire and EVA-8

7The EVA-8

Spitfire is in this combo because it is meant for the Beginners with lots of ammo and relative stability. Yet, you don’t have to spend too much time for a spin-up for this weapon like the Devotion.

The EVA-8 possesses the quickest fire rate and biggest magazine among all the shotgun. The downside for this combo is the long-range combat.