There are a lot of mobs in Minecraft, and some of them have the ability to kill the player in just one or two attacks. Knowledge is key to countering them, as players can dodge or retreat when these mobs are about to attack. Therefore, in this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase the 8 dangerous mob attacks in Minecraft 1.19.

8. Wither Skeleton Attack

Wither skeletons are tall black variants of skeletons equipped with stone swords and found in nether fortresses, which inflict the fatal Wither effect. In normal difficulty, one hit from the Wither skeleton deals 8 damage. This might not seem like much, but these enemies spawn in groups of 4, which can swarm careless players easily.

Wither Skeleton
Wither Skeletons can swarm the player easily.

Their Wither effect is deadly as it turns the players' health bar black, making it difficult to check their actual HP. It also deals damage over time that can't be reduced with enchantments. Without milk to neutralize the effects, wither skeletons can be a huge problem.

7. Vindicator Armed Melee Attack

Vindicator is the most dangerous variant of pillager, which spawns with iron axes that are sometimes enchanted. On normal difficulty, they deal 13 damage per attack. This is enough to kill a lightly armored player in a few hits.

Vindicator Pacify
Vindicator with an axe

They often spawn in groups, similar to the wither skeletons, and can also appear in raids. Players need to single out the vindicators with enchanted axes and avoid or deal with them first.

6. Piglin Brutes Armed Melee Attack

A piglin brute is a hostile and stronger variant of piglins that appears in all types of bastion remnants. Unlike normal piglins, they always attack the player on sight. Brutes do not barter, do not retreat, and cannot be distracted by gold. Similar to Vindicators, they also wield axes and can deal 13 damage each hit.

Piglin Brute Minecraft
Piglin brutes call all nearby mobs to attack you.

If attacked by a mob or a player, piglin brutes will nearby piglins and other brutes. The worst part about brutes is that they have 50 HP - twice as much as a Vindicator. Their axes can also come out enchanted, which increases their damage even more.

5. Warden Sonic Attack

Mojang gives the Warden a powerful ranged attack to prevent players from using easy tricks to kill him. If the player is in its search radius but cannot be hit (on high ground or hiding behind walls), the Warden would use its sonic attack.

Minecraftl 5 2864
The sonic attack of the Warden.

This is a crazy-powerful ability, with an AoE of 15 blocks horizontal radius and 20 blocks vertical. The attack is guided and can pass through blocks and mobs, damaging only the player. It deals 10 damage and has a powerful knockback effect. The most dangerous part of this is that the damage cannot be blocked by armors or enchantments (except resistance).

4. The Ender Dragon Fireball

The final boss of Minecraft, the Ender Dragon, comes with a special fireball attack that deals magic damage, which ignores any damage reduction that comes from the player's armor. They cannot be deflected unlike ghast fireballs, and deposit purple effect clouds across the ground that damage players the same way a lingering Potion of Harming does.

Ender Dragon Minecraft
The Ender Dragon

The purple clouds can be bottled to obtain the dragon's breath, which is a valuable potion ingredient.

3. Iron Golem Fling Attack

As Iron golems are friendly mobs, players probably don't fight them that often. However, when provoked, they can unleash some of the most powerful attacks in the game. Their punches fling targets into the air, causing them to take fall damage on top of the punch damage upon landing.

Iron Golems
Iron Golems' fling attack

At the highest output, a fling from an iron golem can deal a whopping 21.5 damage on Normal. Overall, if you plan on attacking these mobs, it is best to do that from afar or build some blocking contraptions.

2. The Warden's Melee Attack

With the release of Minecraft 1.19, the Warden has become the most powerful mob in the game, kicking the Wither off from the top spot. It has the highest HP (500) and the highest melee damage. On normal, a single punch from the Warden would deal 30 damage, which is the equivalent of 15 hearts.

Minecraft Warden Screenshot With Bow And Arrow
Try taking it out from long range.

Even if players are wearing a Netherite armor set with max protection, they should not be able to survive for long. That's why it is best to avoid the Warden instead of fighting it.

1. The Wither's Birth Explosion

The Wither is a summonable extra boss in Minecraft. To prevent players from getting easy kills by summoning them inside traps, the Wither's arrival causes an explosion with a power level of 7. This explosion deals 102 damage (51 hearts) at Hard to nearby mobs/players, based on distance.

Maxresdefault 1
A wither explosion

However, upon reaching half health in Bedrock, the Wither explodes again with even higher intensity (power level of 8). This is the most destructive explosion in the game and is the reason why Bedrock's Wither is harder than Java. These explosions destroy even obsidians. This is the only mob that can destroy this block in Minecraft.

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