The Grand Theft Auto series is renowned for being an open-world game that thrives on chaos, and wreaking havoc in the game largely depends on the diverse arsenal available. Each GTA installment offers an extensive selection of firearms and melee tools for missions or free-roaming activities, obtainable through purchase, discovery, or mission-specific allocation.

Consequently, every weapon in GTA serves a purpose, yet certain ones prove notably more functional and handy than others. Meanwhile, there are weapons that could be deemed entirely unfeasible in their utility.

1. Firework Launcher (GTA 5)

In GTA 5, the firework launcher serves as an entertaining novelty. It swiftly eliminates NPCs or other players and sets vehicles ablaze in a vibrant display of lights and hues. However, its functionality is solely limited to these actions.

Gta V Firework Launcher
Firework Launcher

The severe scarcity of ammunition renders this weapon entirely impractical to carry, especially when more potent alternatives are readily accessible. Weapons like RPGs or shotguns prove significantly more efficient in combat scenarios and are simpler to acquire. Nevertheless, despite its inefficiency, shooting this weapon into the sky remains a more enjoyable way to witness its effects.

The firework launcher is also pretty rare. This weapon was initially introduced in the Independence Day Special and was briefly offered again during the Festive Surprise. Although it got taken off the shelves at Ammu-Nation later on, players who bought it could still keep and use it until they ran out of ammo.

2. Bat (GTA 3)

Transitioning the GTA series into the realm of three-dimensional gameplay marked a significant leap in establishing guns as a feasible choice within the game. Yet, the initial weapon likely handed to players in GTA 3 is the bat. This melee tool swiftly proves its value by outmatching the player's fists and inflicting substantial damage on vehicles.

Gta 3 Bat

While the bat may serve a purpose in the early stages of GTA 3, its relevance diminishes rapidly with the introduction of firearms. Any player still relying on the bat at this juncture in the storyline is susceptible to being swiftly overcome by gunfire before landing a hit on their adversary. Consequently, the bat becomes highly impractical for a serious playthrough of GTA 3.

3. Broken Bottle (GTA 5)

Another potentially weak melee tool is the Broken Bottle, introduced in GTA V and GTA Online following The Beach Bum DLC release. Unlike other blades, this close-range glass weapon lacks the ability to be thrown and can solely be wielded when out of water.

Brokenbottle Gtav
Broken Bottle

Players engage adversaries with the Broken Bottle, dealing equivalent damage to that of a Knife. Yet, confronting armed foes with this impractical melee weapon poses a significant challenge in getting close to them without being targeted by gunfire. Unexpectedly, the Bottle is available for purchase on the shelves at Ammu-Nation.

4. Country Rifle (GTA: San Andreas)

The Country Rifle featured in GTA: San Andreas proves beneficial under specific circumstances. Ammo for this weapon is plentiful across the open world, and the game's automatic aiming feature ensures the gun seldom misses its mark. Additionally, its elongated barrel grants it considerable range.

Gta Rifle
Country Rifle

Regrettably, this very attribute contributes to the impracticality of the countryside rifle. Despite being a long-range firearm that fires single rounds, it lacks a scope. Incorporating a scope would elevate its functionality, essentially turning it into a compact sniper rifle. Nonetheless, the absence of this feature confines the weapon to being yet another impractical choice during heated firefights.

5. Chainsaw (GTA: Vice City)

Grabbing and wielding a chainsaw in GTA: Vice City stands out as one of the most exhilarating experiences for a player in the series. This formidable weapon swiftly dispatches any NPC with a gory display of blood splattering across the streets, even smearing the screen. However, those who opt for this weapon should brace themselves to flee.

Gta Chainsaw

The chainsaw, while devastating, hampers the player's mobility and fails to provide any form of protection against bullets. Consequently, although effective for swift eliminations, its impracticality becomes evident as soon as law enforcement intervenes. Moreover, it lacks prowess in dismantling vehicles, further limiting its utility.

6. Pistol (GTA 1)

In the first GTA game, most players would naturally expect any kind of firearm to be advantageous. Pistols, obtainable by breaking open crates scattered throughout the open world, seem promising. However, the top-down perspective employed in this early iteration of the franchise significantly undermines the pistol's practicality.

Gta 1

Attempting to aim and fire a pistol in GTA 1 feels cumbersome, often resulting in players being overwhelmed before they can execute a successful shot. While firearms are a hallmark of the GTA series, their effectiveness had yet to evolve significantly from this initial installment. In this game, players fare better using vehicles to eliminate their adversaries.

7. Molotov Cocktail (GTA 4)

A molotov cocktail packs a swift and impactful punch, capable of causing substantial damage in a short span. These throwable items detonate upon impact, engulfing anything nearby in flames. Known for their effectiveness in crowd control and swiftly dealing with clusters of vehicles, these weapons have a notable drawback—their throwing trajectory.

Gta 4 Molotov Cocktail
Molotov Cocktail

In GTA 4, players can only hurl these weapons for a limited distance, and the rapid spread of fire often catches up to the player, causing potential harm. To effectively utilize these projectiles, players need to be facing the right direction and avoid heavy gunfire from other players or NPCs.

8. Jerry Can (GTA 5)

Introducing the jerry can filled with gas as a weapon in GTA 5 was a stroke of genius. It enables players to create fires from a distance, reducing suspicion from law enforcement regarding the source of damage. Moreover, igniting a trail of gas leading to multiple vehicles results in a massive fireball, leaving few NPCs unscathed. Regrettably, this weapon's utility ends there.

Gta V Jerry Can
Jerry Can

Opting for the jerry can in regular combat inevitably spells doom for the player, especially when facing off against the police or other online players. Its slow activation and ability to take out only one target at a time make it impractical. While setting cars ablaze can be entertaining momentarily, the arrival of law enforcement prompts the need for a more functional weapon.

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