There is a pretty high chance that you still have not heard of Evolutis. Well, that is understandable since many members of the gaming community hadn’t heard of this brand new 2D Cyberpunk adventure game up until it was officially announced on Twitter.

Even though there are currently countless of crowd-funded indie video games out there, which are really common without any outstanding features, Evolutis has a huge potential to become something big and it is truly worth sharing.

The game is considered to have what it takes to go far in the gaming industry

When sharing about the process of making Evolutis, the creators showed no shyness to admit that a huge part of their inspiration was from many different media such as Blade Runner, Akira and Ghost in the Shell. The creators also expressed their hope in incorporating intense head to head combat. Currently, is in the Alpha stage.

On the official Tweet of the creators, you can find the game’s new trailer. You will have your first look at the marvelous art style as well as the stunning world in the game through the trailer. Check out the trailer right below:

Poke Life Studio - The developer of Evolutis - is thinking of launching a campaign on Indiegogo around the end of June. It still remains unknown about the goals they are aiming as well as the rewards backers will receive. All we know now is that Poke Life Studio has the intention to release Evolutis on every major platforms for gaming there are, including Steam for PC and Xbox One, Nintendo Switch along with PlayStation 4 for consoles.

You can get the game on all gaming platforms

Furthermore, the developers hinted that Evolutis will appear with a demo version at The Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) this year. We ensure you that we will keep you fully updated about the game, regardless of the demo being publicly shown or only shown privately at the E3.