Call of Duty: Warzone rooftop campers sometimes make us annoyed. Here is a simple but excellent way to take them down. Check it out here with

Call Of Duty: Warzone Rooftop Campers

Snipers and campers are everywhere in CoD: Warzone. And sometimes, rooftop campers keep annoying us. They stay on the top of high buildings and aim at enemies’ heads with their sniper rifle guns. Sometimes, you don’t have any chance to shoot back but evade from those snipers.

The Verdansk map in CoD: Warzone with a lot of high buildings has been the paradise for those snipers. They can end an opponent quickly by a headshot with an HDR, AX-50, or Dragunov. Once your squad occupied a high building, it seems that you get closer to the victory. But if your enemies do, you have to fight or run away for survival.

Cod Warzone Sniper
CoD: Warzone map with a lot of high buildings has been the paradise for snipers

A savvy player of this game found an excellent tip to take down those assassins which is amazingly simple. He shared his findings on Subreddit. According to him, you need a well-placed Precision Airstrike and a Heartbeat Sensor. Firstly, he used the Heartbeat Sensor to identify the location of the assassins. Then, he placed a Precision Airstrike marker well inside the building.

Sniper Warzone
The Precise Air-strike can blow off a squad camping on the top of a high building

Then your enemies won’t know that there will be airstrike falling on them. You can kill the Call of Duty: Warzone rooftop campers on high buildings without getting damage. It’s an easy way to eliminate rooftop assassins. But you need to make sure that you have enough money to buy the Precision Airstrike which costs $3,500. Then, you can learn this simple strategy to remove roof campers and get closer to the victory.