Reaching more than 20 million downloads in only 21 days, the Apex Legends, a new product of Respawn Entertainment, has made a boom in selling and attained the first place in the game ideal competition. The game is known as a non-charging virtual reality version, which performs a royal shooting battle. And it is not so hard to get used to the keynotes and remote control of the game.


Apex Legends' poster

There is a rise of about 4,000 percent hits posed on Apex Construct Steam, in spite of the fact that the game is set on the Origin platform for desktop and non-chargeable, which makes the public consume as the main reasons for its blooming. Actually, for two weeks, Fast Travel Games has developed the game then sold for $29.99 in China. The result was much higher than all of 2018.

Andreas Juliusson, the marketing and communications manager at Fast Travel Games said on Reddit that the Apex Legends did not only coincidently have the similar name with their own VR game Apex Construct, but also surprisingly have alike logos.

The game producer in Sweden, Stockholm may consider this as a positive reaction. However, Chinese purchasers feedback with negativity because they felt like tricked_ According to Mr. Juliusson_he assured that the company did not do any bamboozle here.


Apex Legend’s theme

 From the latest news of South China Morning Post, Apex has not arrived in China yet. But the audience will get access to the game soon since the host of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, Tencent Holdings, is being in discussion with Electronic Arts to catch the deal.

Apex more and more becomes concerned than ever. Chinese player’s eager is filled with anxiety for the ‘gold’ to land off. We still cannot deny such comparable elements between the two games, this also happened with the Apex Construct VR game when it released.