Hacker is one major serious issue that is still happening since the beginning of Apex Legends Season 1.

More than 16,000 cheaters were announced to be banned from this famous battle royale game, according to a Reddit post since February. However, the number of cheaters seems to keep growing gradually every day due to the current increasing popularity of the game. Nowadays, there are more and more people downloading and enjoying Apex Legends.

Hackers and cheaters in Apex Legends are increasing every day

You would definitely meet in the minimum of one hacker in your playtime if you have been playing Apex Legends since its very first time.

As you can do nothing to the matter, you might feel funny and enjoyable about the clip displaying the circumstance that one hacker getting a taste of his own medicine, experiencing the same unpleasant thing that they inflicted on this battle royale game.

Video about a cheater suffering a funny mistake

It is a clip posted by a Reddit user named RockyGrenade. In the video, the hacker eliminated one player as he zipped throughout the map in the game. However, that hacker made a remarkable mistake right after that.

There was one hacker who coped the damage with the downed player who they go to zoom away but took a step way too far off the map border accidentally, then died because of the water flowing below.

It somehow makes people feel weird and funny to watch a hacker digging his own grave like this. It is a possibility that he needs some more time to get familiar to the hacked speed.

Apex Legends hackers will pay an expensive price for cheating in the game

One more compulsory note is that cheaters and speed hackers who are forbidden to Apex Legends are having no good.

There are several hackers complaining about the hardware bans that they have received. They tried to create new accounts in order to start again but fail. Apex Legends doesn’t allow it.

Remember, if you cheat or hack in this game, you would have to pay a quite expensive price.