Just a few days ago, Apex Legends developer Respawn Entertainment released a new character named Octane to the battle royale, and some keen-eyed fans have noticed that the backstory of this new character drew inspiration from the Titanfall 2’s speedrunning community.

An individual known by the nickname Cash Mayo holds the current world record for speedrunning Titanfall 2’s Gauntlet in just 12 seconds. To achieve such an impressive feat, this person calculated and used frag grenades at the correct moment to give themselves speed boosts when needed. Of course, aside from that trick, a lot of precise movements were required to finish the run in such a short time. Check out the video below to witness the making of this record with your own eyes.

It seems Respawn Entertainment was impressed by this too, as the studio decided to use it as an inspiration to write Octane’s backstory.

In the official description of Octane, we know that he is the heir to the Silva Pharmaceuticals and as a result had a luxurious upbringing, never lacking for anything in his life. Thus, he found entertainment in performing dangerous stunts, then record and share them for others to watch. One day, he decided to set a new record for a Gauntlet by using a grenade to launch himself over the finish line.

Apex Legends Octane 1280x720
Octane entertains himself by recording dangerous stunts and record them for others to watch

That foolish attempt cost Octane his legs, but he then had them replaced with mechanical prosthetics that let him run even faster. The first trailer of Octane has a reference to the Gauntlet speedrun and also a link to Cash Mayo’s run. The link is under a pop-up that reads “What is the gauntlet” that appears at the 12-second mark of Octane’s trailer. Watch it for yourself:

Go to the 12-second mark to see a pop-up that links to Cash Mayo's video

Cash Mayo seems pretty glad to know about this, calling Respawn “clever” on reddit. And this person has a point. This is indeed a nice move from Respawn to show appreciation to fans of its games.

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