Earlier today, a new trailer about the upcoming JRPG Arc of Alchemist has been revealed. The game was first announced last year and aimed at Fall 2019 release date, but after some delay, the game's launch is now pushed back to early next year.

But first, let's take a look at the new trailer of the game:

The new Arc of Alchemist game revolves around Quinn Bravesford, a girl with a great responsibility of leading the Kingdom's soldier into the Desert of the Beginning - in order to find the key to save humanity in the form of "the Great Power".

Comes equipped with Quinn is the ancient alchemic device Lunagear, and her mission is to equip the Gear with 4 Power Orbs. According to legend, when all 4 orbs got equipped into the Lunagear, "the Great Power" that can save humanity will be unlocked.

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A screenshot from the game

However, the journey into the desert is not easy, as dangerous creatures always roaming the desert. Also, Quinn is not the only one looking for the great power of legends, as the enemy nation - the Principality of Neuhaven - also dispatch their army of Machine Dolls into the desert.

As far as the gameplay goes, the Lunagear and all four power orbs will enable your characters with elemental attacks - associated with four orb elements:  Fire, Water, Earth, and Wind. Those elements can be combined with each other, enabling you to use even stronger attacks. Along with that, your enemies will have their own elemental weaknesses, adding even more depth into the battle.

Arc Of Alchemist 3
A screenshot from the game

According to the developers, the game will bring a bunch of weapons and skill to the customization aspect, which will allow you to have many strategies to fight againsst enemies. Also, the "Ace of Bases" features will let you customize your allies, too.

Arc of Alchemist will be available for the PS4 in early 2020.