We have got another product from Denki (an indie game studio) and Curve Digital (a UK publisher). Their violence-free and colorful colony management title Autonauts is available right now for PC through Steam.

Here is a trailer video for Autonauts:

Build an off-world colony

Autonauts Is Available Right Now For Pc Via Steam
Love is a needed thing in your colony.

This title will challenge you to colonize different alien worlds in the name of humanity. You will get many robot helpers to help you with this challenging task. With a very visual code language that took inspiration from Scratch, you can actually reprogram your helpers to do various tasks. You could program them to chop down a tree or even more complicated tasks such as fishing, baking pies, or monitoring other robots.

The title has become the most wishlist title from Curve Digital in the history of this publisher. That means lots of players worldwide are on a look for something intellectually stimulating, creative, and colorful.

Autonauts Is Available Right Now For Pc Via Steam
Optimize and manage to get the best results from your colony's farms.

This launch on Steam of the title marks a huge evolution into 1.0 release. This release features a full audiovisual makeover, a full campaign mode. They have also expanded the research possibilities massively utilizing the built-in wiki, the economy, achievements. There are lots for you to explore from the animal husbandry, mix and match bots, transportation, and much more.

The best of the best

Autonauts Is Available Right Now For Pc Via Steam
Expanding to every horizon of this alien world.

The title combines the best of production-line, crafting, simulation, and agriculture genres into one title with a stress-free, approachable package. You could choose to explore your creativity with the Colonise Mode, where you will be guided about different components in the game. You can do whatever you want in the Free Mode with all the unlocked structures. There is also a Creative Mode, which will offer you unlimited resources to get the best off-world colony out there.

Autonauts price is €19.99/ $19.99/ £17.99, but for the first week after launch, you can get it with a 20% discount.