Depraved is a city-building game which will take you on a thrilling adventure to the Wild West.

A man has been living a very normal life before he goes an interesting adventure to the Wild West. At here, he is the pioneer of untouched land, and with the help of a carriage filled with resources, he is obliged to build a happy community bustling with activity. However, a settlement is not that easy, and to assure other residents, he has to face extreme weather, community affairs and the danger from the beasts.

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There are so many dangers in the Wild West

Here is the trailer of Depraved:

Solve the inner colony problems

Depraved will put you into the shoes of that man, starting your own colonizing adventure in the Wild West. To make the residents happy and building a prosperous town, you have to take the weather conditions of the place you want to colonize into consideration. Protecting your settlers from the unfavorable climate is always very crucial.

For example, the preparation of water is essential for the arid desert or you must supply your residents with sufficient firewood before the upcoming freezing winter. And choosing a location for settlement must be done even before collecting food.

Therefore, conquering a new land is a hard task and you should identify what kinds of resources should be prioritized for a successful settlement. Remember to supply the population with their basic needs! Every population has a particularly preferred food source, thus, if you don’t give what they want, this can affect their mood in a negative way. And unhappy residents may commit criminal offenses.

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Choosing a location and food source is very important

And save your settlers from the outside dangers

When you’ve taken full control of the inner colony problems, it’s time you concerned about other important things outside it, especially the beasts and bandits. Before you came and conquered the new land, it used to belong to the wolves and bears. Hence, these animals may feel threatened, and there is a likely possibility that they will attack your poorly equipped residents.

Apart from the threat of wild animals, you also have to deal with bandits who have evil intentions of stealing valuable resources or even invade your colony. It may sound thrilling, but that’s life in the Wild West!

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Protect the residents from both inside and outside dangers

As mentioned above, there are so many dangerous obstacles from the outside are waiting for you, hence, looking for friendships with the Native Americans will be a solution. You can make a trade deal and form a mutually profitable relationship with them to foster your economic growth. Besides, you could also ask your allies for help if bad things occur, right?

Depraved has been staying in Steam Early Access for a while, and now, the final version of the game is out on Steam. You can buy the game at the price of $19.99, but if you've already owned the Early Access version, you can upgrade to this 1.0 version for free.