Flotsam is a post-apocalyptic base-building survival game developed by Pajama Llama Games and published by Kongregate. You can watch the introduction trailer of the game below.

The world is flooded with trashes floating all around. Your job is to survive in that world by making use of the garbage around you and build your own floating town. As your town gets bigger and bigger, you will have more people in it. You will have to manage your town carefully or your people will get eaten by dangerous sea creatures or sink the place.

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Beware of dangerous giant sea creatures or you will get eaten

While your town is floating on the ocean, you will encounter stranded strangers, different kind of sea animals, wreckages and mysterious ruins. Will you choose to explore them or will you choose to avoid them for the safety of your town?

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Explore ruins and underwater cities to find books, metal to give you ideas on how to improve your town

Collect different kinds of garbage to transform them into necessary tools and structures such as boats, buildings, machines, and sails.

Flotsam Introduction Trailer 0 21 Screenshot
You need to be patient and collect garbage from the ocean to build a town

Rainwater will be your main supply of water and sea animals will be your main supply of food. As for other materials, at first, all you can do is gather everything near you make use of them. Later on, you can build a small boat to travel further and eventually build a sail to take the whole town on a road trip.

Flotsam Introduction Trailer 2 0 Screenshot
Eventually, you will be able to move the whole town by building a sail

Flotsam is now available for PC on Steam Early Access and Kartridge for a price of $22.49. The game will stay in Early Access for a year and will be fully released in 2020.