Babylon’s Fall was teased one year ago, during E3 2018. After that, there has been little to no information revealed about the game…until yesterday. During the State of Play Event of Sony, Platinum finally revealed a glimpse of Babylon’s Fall. The last time these two companies did a collaboration, we got Nier: Automata – apparently, a team has been working on this game along with multiple Nintendo Projects, such as Astral Chains and Bayonetta 3. Below is the trailer for the game.

About the release date, well, the game would certainly not be released in 2019, as the end of the trailer is a message for further details in summer 2020. Overall, the release of the game is a massive relief, as Square Enix is known to just announce a project too early and quietly discard it later.

Babylons Fall 3
The combat would be somewhat similar to Dark Souls

About the gameplay, the trailer suggests that the game would take place in a dying world – all rendered in a peculiar art style. Based on information revealed by the trailer, players would have to ascend a tower-like structure as they progress in the main story.

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The hack and slash part is also present - similar to the other Platinum titles

The gameplay would be a mix and match of Dark Souls and Devil May Cry, with the protagonist doing the classic hack and slash juggles. Various familiar skills also appear as well, as the protagonist is able to summon a lot of phantom looking swords. The boss that was included in the trailer is massive – the protagonist was able to take his sword and use it against him.

Babylons Falls Gameplay
Facing a gigantic enemy

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