1. Detroit: Become Human

Detroit Become Human
You will follow 3 androids in the game

Detroit: Become Human is a famous title from Quantic Dream, the developer who created Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two SoulsYou will be joining an adventure through the eyes of 3 androids Kara, Connor, Markus. The story will change accordingly to each of your decision, which will create multiple different endings. The game has a beautiful world, great characters, and intuitive gameplay, which helps players enjoy the story and the beautiful in-game world even more.

You can get Detroit: Become Human on Playstation Store with only Rs 1,499 with a 40% discount.

2. Batman: Arkham Knight

Game Offline Batman Arkham Knight Chinh Thuc Chao
The perfect game for all Batman fans out there

Batman: Arkham Knight is the latest game in the Batman series. You will be the one who put on the cape and be the Dark Knight for Gotham city. The game has all the new and old foes of Batman for you to challenge and defend Gotham. If you are tired of fighting, you take your Batmobile and take a drive around town through the streets or the sky. Batman: Arkham Knight is the perfect opportunity for fans to play as their favorite hero.

You can get Batman: Arkham Knight on the PlayStation Store for only Rs 1,082 with a 27% discount.

3. Mini Metro

Mini Motorways Munich
Draw lines to connect stations in the city and run the trains

While every other game is trying to catch the attention of players with detailed graphics, Dinosaur Polo Club does the opposite, make Mini Metro look as simple as possible.

Mini Metro is a strategy simulation game with a minimalist design. You will be designing the subway map for a city by drawing lines to connect stations. The city is growing, so there will be more and more stations coming. Your road map will become more complicated, but don't worry as you can redraw the lines make everything efficient again. Your resources are limited, so don't waste any of them. How long do you think you can keep everything going?

Mini Metro is available on the PlayStation Store for only Rs 998.

4. Minecraft

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Minecraft is still one of the best games with endless possibility and freedom

No matter what everyone says about Minecraft, it a great game that is suitable for all ages. Let your imagination roam free and build anything in an open world. You can play by yourself offline or with other people online or in a local group. It's a game with endless possibilities and a huge enthusiastic community who are adding tons of content into the game everyday.

Minecraft is available on the PlayStation Store for only Rs 1,581.

5. Journey

Journey Top 0
Fourney is one of the best indie game on PS4 ever

Journey is a stunning adventure game developed by indie developer Thatgamecompany and published by Sony Computer Entertainment. Yet, it is considered as one of the best PS4 games ever. You will be playing as a robed character in a huge desert. Your main task is to conquer the mountain that is shown to you right at the beginning of the game while exploring a mysterious ancient world. The game tells a story about a ruined civilization through cutscenes without using any words. Along your journey, you will be meeting up with other players who are playing the game. You can help each other out on the way by activating strips of cloth or showing paths. However, you can totally finish the game on your own without the help of other players.

Journey is available on the PlayStation Store for only Rs 1,248.

6. Life Is Strange

Max Concept Art
Everything you change in the past will have a consequence

Life Is Strange is a graphic adventure game developed by Dontnod Entertainment and published by Square Enix. You will follow Max Caulfield, an 18-years-old girl who has the ability to rewind time. As she witnessed her town being destroyed by an upcoming storm, she has taken on the responsibility to prevent it from happening. But she will soon learn that all change in the past will cause huge consequences in the future. Your choices will determine how the game will end, which gives the game high replayability.

You can buy Life Is Strange for only Rs 1,415.

7. Mega Man Legacy Collection 2

Experience your childhood all over again with Mega Man Legacy Collection 2

Good games can never get too old, which is why Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 is worth every penny. The collection includes Mega Man games from 7 to 10 with additional features such as time trials, online leaderboard challenges, and a gallery full of beautiful artworks. There are also additional modes that give players more stages and playable characters. If somehow the game seems to be harder than you remember, you can adjust the amount of damage received to make it a little bit easier.

The collection is available on the PlayStation Store for only Rs 1,248.

8. Rocket League

Racing is fun. Soccer is also fun. How about a mix of both?

Rocket League is a vehicular soccer game developed and published by Psyonix. Each match has up to four players divided into 2 teams. The goal is to use your powerful vehicles to deliver the ball into your opponent's goal. The game is visually appealing while being fun to play and very competitive at the same time. Rocket League is even considered as an esport with pro players from all around the world participating tournaments such as  ESL, Major League Gaming, and the Rocket League Championship Series.

The game is now having a 50% discount on the PlayStation Store and only cost you Rs 832.

9. Don't Starve

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Don't Starve also features several DLCs with tons of content

This is arguably one of the best survival games ever. Don't Starve will take you to a surreal gothic world with all kinds of threats that will end your life. Hostile creatures, the hunger, the darkness, the weather are always there to kill you slowly. Gather materials on a randomly generated island to build necessary tools that will keep you alive and then ultimately seeking out the villain who sent you here in the first place. You will die a couple of times, but those deaths are necessary to expand your knowledge and fight against the odds.

The PS4 version of Don't Starve has a price of Rs 582 via the PlayStation Store.