During PAX earlier this week, publisher TinyBuild announced a few upcoming projects of theirs. Some projects are really intriguing, one of which is Black Skylands from developer Hungry Couch Games.

Black Skylands is a top-down, action role-playing game. This game will not be available until at least the end of next year, but with all the cool-looking airship combat, it drew a lot of attention. People are waiting for it to launch, watch the trailer below to see if you feel the same:

Black Skylands takes place in a world where the Earth is made up of countless floating islands. In this game, You will be a captain of an airship. Your main goal is to reach the titular Skylands where you can find peace as well as prosperity.

TinyBuild Announced Their New RPG In PAX West - Black Skylands!
There are many floating islands with various kinds of biomes

Along the way, you will have to fight not only on land but also in the air with more than 25 different kinds of weapon. You can customize more with different kinds of bullets, special abilities as well as ship and player upgrades. It seems to be a really deep RPG system which offers you various options to experiment.

TinyBuild Announced Their New RPG In PAX West - Black Skylands!
You will have many kinds of weapon as well

The game’s open-world consists of 50 different floating islands with many different biomes. It appears to be quite an ambitious project. Hopefully, Hungry Couch can meet its own lofty goals. If they can manage to do so, this game will definitely have a bit of potential, as many admit that they really love the art style.

TinyBuild Announced Their New RPG In PAX West - Black Skylands!
The art style is one of the selling points of the game

Black Skylands will be available at some point in Q4 2020, according to the publisher and the developer. It’s a really long time away, without saying.

Therefore, there may be changes relating to the release date. Should there be any adjustments, we will inform you right away.