Blue Archive is the latest RPG developed by the infamous Nexon games Korea’s subsidiary called NAT games due to release on October 15, 2021, while slated to release globally in November.

This game is a hero collector RPG Gacha in which you solve considerable events in the game world. This game is inspired heavily by Anime with next-generation graphics and gameplay while living a school life in the game world.

Blue Archive Photo 1
Blue Archive is the next RPG to experience in 2021.

Game Features

The game is a story about finding miracles in your everyday life. You are a teacher in this world where you teach unique and beautiful girls where troubles are a constant matter, and you are always there for these young girls to help them out.

Like most other Gacha games of the genre, this game provides auto-battle options to farm and play with a hands-off approach and can do other stuff for longer battles. The game employs 3D chibi models for the game’s presentation. The 2D animations are inspired heavily by Anime when not battling to feast your eyes upon.

You can bring a team of 4 for most battles in the game and tag along with two supporters. Most of the time, you have to manually use their unique skills so that you can lead them to victory. You can strengthen your bond with your students through different actions and activities to know them better.

Blue Archive Photo 2
Characters in Blue Archive are in typical styles of Japanese anime.

You can have more information from their official Japanese website and use an auto-translator to read in-depth knowledge.

How To Install Blue Archive On PC?

You can download and install Blue Archive, known in Japan asブルーアーカイブ, by installing an emulator first. Android Emulators like LDplayer, Bluestacks, NoxPlayer...are software that creates a virtual environment on the emulator software within the frameworks of your PC and simulates as if you are using a mobile. All the apps and games on mobile are played and can be run on PC.

LDPlayer provides many options to enhance your gaming on PC, such as: Keyboard and Mouse, Multi-Instancing, Macros and Operation Recorder, High FPS and Graphics, also Recording.

1st option to play Blue Archive on PC:

To download this game using LDPlayer, you can use the following steps.

  • Go to the official LDPlayer's website and download the emulator .exe file.
  • Run the downloaded file as you would any other software and install it by following instructions prompted on the screen.
  • Launch the emulator and sign in to your Google account. You can still download the game's apk from a 3rd party store if you don’t want to sign in.
  • Search for the Blue Archive and click install.
  • You will see the game-specific icon on the homepage after it has been downloaded and installed.
  • Play the game from that icon.

2nd option to play Blue Archive on PC:

As the game has been released in the Japanese market, you can follow the steps below to play it on PC in Japanese if you are up for it.

  • Follow the same steps as in 1st option to run and install LDPlayer.
  • Go via google chrome and download the QooApp. This app can help you download even the most latest apk.
  • Drag and drop the QooApp apk in the LDPlayer so that it installs this app.
  • After the QooApp is installed, search Blue Archive to download and install it.
  • If you don’t find the latest version, you can always search it by the Japanese name, ブルーアーカイブ.
  • Make sure you have downloaded a VPN beforehand to change your location to JP, so that you can play the game with smoother graphics and less lag.

On October 14, the game opens to Pre-Register on the official website. Don’t forget to register to receive a multitude of rewards when the game finally launches.

Blue Archive Photo 3
You can now play Blue Archive on your PC.


You can play the game in English when it launches globally in November, but if you can’t wait to play this excellent action RPG with attractive Waifus on PC with LDPlayer, you can always play the Japanese version, which has recently launched.

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