It’s getting closer and closer to the official release date of Borderlands 3, on Sep 13th and everyone is looking forward to it.

In a panel at Guardian Con, developer Gearbox showed us some details the upcoming game, including some accessibility and social features like ping system options on Twitch to revamp the friend system.

Borderlands 3 is an upcoming action role-playing first-person shooter video game developed by Gearbox Software, the sequel to 2012's Borderlands 2,
Borderlands 3 is an upcoming action role-playing first-person shooter game by Gearbox Software.

Apex Legends-like ping system

First of all, Borderlands 3 will have the ping system similar to the one in Apex Legends. In specific, you can highlight loots, enemies and in-game objects to inform your fellow partners. Here’s how that system looks like:

As a matter of fact, Borderlands 3 will have independent balanced enemies in its co-op mode, alongside instant loots while playing with friends. However, according to Gearbox, you can still enjoy that aspect without the need of playing as a party.

Items and party matchmaking

According to the studio, you can totally purchase the items that your friends have put on sale. You can check their check inventories, skill trees as well as their progress at ease. Additionally, you’ll be informed when a partner encountered a rare enemy. There will be missions to take down those foes together, so keep your eye out for that.

Borderlands 3
Borderlands will be much more enjoyable playing with friends.

On the other hand, Gearbox has improved the matchmaking system when finding as a party. Thanks to asynchronous matchmaking, you can still play while searching for buddies.

In fact, you can find players with the same progress as you to play in the game. This reminds us of the matchmaking setting from Monster Hunter World, which is pretty decent for Borderlands.


Last but not least, Borderlands 3 will be much more accessible. Improvements are coming to both PC and consoles, letting you remap the controls easily. Also, there will be options for Aim assist, CC (closed captioning), headbob, subtitles and colorblind modes.

Gameplay-wise, expect more vaults, more boss fights, many first-time movement-boosting artifacts, and a brand-new endgame Guardian Rank.

Borderlands 3
Expect fancy options to arrive at Borderlands 3: aim assist, captioning, colorblind modes and more!

At the moment, the ECHOcast Twitch extension is what spectators are looking forward to once Borderlands 3 come out. This lets you earn in-game loots by watching streamers on the platform as well as directly interact with them. We’re talking about summoning enemies and acquiring buffs/debuffs with whim from Twitch chat.

That’s so cool just to think about, isn’t it?